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First of all, I would like to say that Notion is a great product and it really deserves to be enhanced !

Generally, my goal is to write down everything in Notion rather that tweaking things in a separate audio WS (I use Reaper).

Let me offer some corrections, suggestions and improvements :

- Bugs:
- CC messages are not sent with current midi channel when midi channel is modified by rules
- Sometimes, shift up/down arrow moves the selected note in the wrong direction.

- New Shortcuts:
- Go to end of staves
- Paste insert with keyboard (shift-crtl v ?)
- Solo one part
- When a note is selected :
move to next note in the same stem with up/down arrow rather than changing the note.
move to next bar with ctrl-left/ctrl-right arrow
- Editing (yellow) marker :
move to next notes with left/right arrow (and to next bar with ctrl-left/ctrl-right)

- New features:
- Customize all shortcuts for international keyboards.
- Loop play the selected area in a simple way (ctrl-space ?)
- Select notes "horizontally": only those in the highlighted area (ctrl-click ?)
- "Negative" accents
- Grace note up to 64th or 128th

- Hairpin/Automation:
Separate Hairpins messages from expression messages sent with every note :
example: Hairpins will be sent with CC 1, expression messages with CC 11
Automation of "Mixer CC" : create new "hairpin" to control volume

- Bend/vibrato/whammy... this would be a really nice feature :
Send (customizable) CC messages reflecting the modification (pitch bend...) to external midi

- Sequencer overlay:
Better velocity display when notes are too close
Manage/display velocities in a relative way to be able to change dynamic (say from p to f) while keeping differences between notes

- Activate the rules in playback when moving/editing notes

- More than 4 external MIDI ports...

That's all for today...
Let me know if you want some explanation.

...And sorry for my English
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by jpettit on Sat Jul 26, 2014 10:55 am
Nice list.

English is fine....

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