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"Delete" and change note length missing from step time note entry

Posted: Sat Sep 25, 2021 2:40 pm
by willstar.reeves
Hi, perhaps I'm missing something (hopefully! Any help much appreciated).

In the scenario where you're in step time and you've accidently entered an incorrect note length, is it possible to go back and change it ? I know some helpful soul suggested "undo" but I'm sure there could be a more helpful option.

I seem to remember that in another package I've used (probably Finale back in the 90s but could have dreamt it?) you could move back and delete a note (or change a note length) and you'd get a "ripple delete" or "ripple pad". I'm guessing this isn't possible and you have to exit set mode and manually delete or modify?

I also remember using "mouse click note entry" where you could add a note(s) and delete them again by clicking the same note (with the same note length), quicker than pressing delete if you're toggling notes of a chord.