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I recently began working with Rewire. Seems to be working okay, except the repeats in Notion are ignored. As a result, synchronization between Notion and S1 fails. I've tested the same Notion piece, when Notion was synced to S1 via Rewire, vs. when S1 was closed. Repeats consistently fail when Rewire / S1 are involved, but they work correctly when S1 isn't open.

Before reporting this as a bug, I thought I should check to see if others have noted / reported this particular issue. It might even be related to starting my S1 song before I introduced Rewire.

The S1 piece I'm working on was originally created via a send from Notion, and I've done some modifications along the way. With my most recent send, I did a fresh send of the Notion tracks, into my existing Studio One song. Essentially, my second 'Send to Studio One' created duplicates of the differently named original tracks, then I disabled the original tracks in Studio One. With the new tracks, (from my second 'send to Studio One'), I did some splits, to eliminate sequential rests that occur when a particular instrument is silent. (I did this for the Lead Vocal and Chorus, as well as the Piano - melody.) Though I gave unique names to each resulting 'chunk', I didn't change the distance between the chunks (which would surely be asking for Rewire trouble). Perhaps there's something about my workflow that's relevant to the issue I'm experiencing.

In the short term, I'll just 'long hand' the repeats; ie, replace the repeats by manually duplicating the repeated sections.

Here's a related question: When sending to S1 and using Rewire, how is the back and forth between Notion and Studio One actually 'managed'. Is Rewire looking at track names, or is there some sort of a hidden 'ID' involved for each track?

Thank you.
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by Surf.Whammy on Wed Feb 03, 2021 7:49 am
"Repeats" are relics of a time when music was notated on parchment by scribes, hence the goal was to save paper (or sheep) . . . :P


Even when songs are constructed by splicing sections of magnetic tape, nothing is an exact repeat in every respect . . .

I do not use "repeats", first and second endings, and all that nonsense, which is what I consider it to be . . .

Cut, copy, and paste are fair game, and I use these techniques frequently; but I keep the timeline sequential with no jumping from one place to the next . . .

Using "repeats" and similar nonsense changes the way people think, and it transforms a song into a caricature . . .

By design and intent, ReWire does not support it . . .


Regarding sending notes and data from Studio One Professional to NOTION, and vice-versa, the names of Instrument Tracks, Audio Tracks, and Staves are used, where for example if you want notes on a grand staff to be sent and received correctly, the name should be "Piano", since this is what tells the software internally how to treat the notes and data . . .

"Synthesizer" probably works, but "Piano" is golden . . .

There are other names that have significance, and as I recall "Bass" might be one of them, but who knows without doing experiments . . .

Interestingly, the software recognizes VSTi virtual instruments and generally does the sends and receives in a very intelligent way, such that if Studio One Professional is using SampleTank (IK Multimedia) for an Instrument Track, then it probably gets sent to NOTION in a way that NOTION has enough information to do the required VSTi virtual instrument mapping . . .

I am going on memory for this part, but I think it's correct because I was impressed that it found all the required information . . .

The information is there, and Studio One Professional knows all of it, as does NOTION, which is evident because they load everything correctly; so using the information during sending and receiving actions is an impressive bit of intelligence on the part of the PreSonus software engineers . . . :+1


Work with sequential timelines when doing ReWire to compose, arrange, and produce songs . . .

No "repeats" and all that nonsense--you are not trying to save paper, and "repeats" hide the structure of songs, hence avoid using "repeats" . . .

Explained another way, "repeats" are like "goto" statements in software engineering--legal but nearly always highly messy and generally lazy . . .

There are a few, rare instances when using a "goto" might make sense, but overall it's sloppy programming . . .

I am not certain it's fully documented anywhere other than in various posts to this forum, but there are a few, significant and meaningful names for Instrument Tracks in Studio One Professional and Instrument Staves in NOTION that need to be used for everything to work correctly and smoothly when sending and receiving notes and data . . .

"Piano" is one of them, but as I recall there are others . . .

If it's a Piano, then call it a Piano rather than "Scooter's Electric Thingy That Has Tinkly Bits" . . .

In other words, keep it simple and focused; and use sequential timelines wth no skips, jumps, repeats, or anything else . . .

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Lots of FUN! :)

The Surf Whammys

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by leedickholtz on Wed Feb 03, 2021 12:57 pm
That is SO helpful. Thank you Surf.Whammy!!!

Not sure I agree that repeats hide structure, but they're definitely asking for trouble, when extending notation beyond Notion. I find repeats are useful for working fast, or creating notation from existing sheet music that uses them, but will endeavor to convert them to 'long form', before getting too far in the process.

Have been a bit frustrated with Notion's somewhat limited approach to multiple endings and DS, DC, etc. Thanks for the reminder that 'long form' is king, when it comes to making things work correctly.
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by omarjimenez3 on Tue Jun 15, 2021 6:00 pm
I agree, sometimes I need to use repeats when transcribing because my clientes ask for shorter paperas. So I have to use repeats. And when rewire is used, repeats are indeed ignored.
It would be awesome if PRESONUS fixes this this Bug
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by michaelmyers1 on Tue Jun 15, 2021 9:51 pm
I made a feature request long ago for a command similar to MuseScore or Band-in-a-Box that would 'unfold" or automatically expand a Notion score with repeats to full length. Otherwise, it can get to be a real pain with da capos, repeats, codas, etc.

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