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Greetings all - I appreciate any help I can get on this. I'm in an Orchestration class at Berklee and one of our first assignments is to try and recreate a score given to us as close to perfect as possible. 98% of this is pretty easy for me as I played in an orchestra in the late 80s / 90s - however, there are a few small-ish issues I can't seem to recreate in Notion 6. I truly hope these can be figured out as if I can't the prof will probably ask me to move to Sibelius (and I'm not a fan of Sibelius at all and have been using Notion for +2 years now).

I attached an image of the snips from the score to help with the questions.

1) On the prof's score he has Horns separated into 2 staves 1-2 and 3-4 but if you look really close has a special little line bracket around the two and only 1 Instrument label. Is this possible somehow?
2) He has a bracket around a single staff - Timpani in this case - when I go to the context menu for a single staff the bracket options aren't there. Is this possible somehow?
3) In full scoring "courtesy accidentals" are often used and have parenthesis around them (). Is this possible somehow?
4) How would I accomplish a "ring on" type symbol - they are like short non-attached (to the right) ties.

Thanks in advance for any/all help with these issues. I know there are some absolutely brilliant folks on this forum!

Notion Issues.JPG
Depiction of the questions.

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