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DP's Quickscribe doesn't include drum/percussion notation. Notion will display drum notation when the following conditions have been met, indicated by 'yes'.

File format
Standard MIDI File - yes.
MusicXML - no

Track name
Drums or dRuMs, or :D - Yes (Channel is not important)
Beats or something other than drums, and channelized to MIDI channel 10 - yes
Beats or something other than drums, and channelized to any MIDI channel other than10 - no

In DP, If all drum notes are on one track, then naming the track Drums or channeling the track to MIDI channel 10 will result in drum notation in Notion.

In DP, if the drum hits are on separate tracks named kick, snare, hats, cowbell etc., then the tracks need to be channelized to MIDI channel 10.

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