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Sorry for dropping in only to whine, but...

I'm still running Notion 5. Looking at the N6 change log, it does not appear this issue has ever been addressed:


I continue to resist upgrading until I see this fixed, and the capabilities added to:

1. Record Sustain pedal.
2. Move individual notes between the treble and bass clefs of a grand staff.

Such basic and oft-requested things... it boggles the mind that they have not been implemented. :? .

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by Surf.Whammy on Sat Aug 10, 2019 3:45 pm
You can move notes from treble staff to bass staff in NOTION 6.5 for a grand staff . . . :)


(1) select the note(s)

(2) press SHIFT+x

Some scenarios appear to be a bit buggy, but for individual notes, sets of non-tuplet notes, and triplets within sets of notes, it works reasonably well . . .

There is a current discussion about this, and several folks have done experiments and reported the results to the forum . . .

How can I join a grand staff so I can seamlessly put notes between the treble and bass clefs? (PreSonus NOTION Forum)

Based on many hours of experiments, my advice is that if you need to wander into combining strange tuplets with other bits of somewhat unusual music notation, then it's best to do it in "1/4" time, where for example each sextuplet of 16th notes is in its own measure, at which point everything works smoothly . . .

Regarding recording and playing MIDI keyboard pedals--all of them, not just the sustain pedal, and especially the "selected sustain" or sostenuto pedal (a personal favorite)--I think this is something that must happen soon, because it's becoming a bit embarrassing not to have it supported . . .

[NOTE: I am a self-trained pianist using what might be the most unusual method in the known universe, where after psychoanalyzing myself and along the way discovering that software engineers often awake in the middle of the night knowing how to solve complex coding problems by some "mysterious" mental activity that occurs during dream states, about 20 years ago I embarked on an experiment to determine whether I could teach myself how to play grand piano (a) without actually playing a grand piano more than perhaps one or two hours a year and (b) by engaging productively in what I call "directed dreaming". This also is tied to discovering how to let my unconscious mind control nearly everything in real-time on the fly, where as best as I can determine the only somewhat negative consequence is that I tend to suspend conscious thought to the level that I start drooling, but so what . . . ]

phpBB [video]

[NOTE: Before you dismiss this bit of virtuoso grand piano as being entirely too silly--as I was prone to do until I discovered how to abandon nearly all conscious thought and judgment--I encourage you to consider the Schoenberg "Twelve-Tone Technique", which at first sounds just a silly . . . ]

Arnold Schoenberg's Twelve-Tone Technique (Wikipedia)

[NOTE: If you play any instrument or sing with a general level of proficiency--which also applies to composing and transcribing music--then provided you have sufficient dexterity, your unconscious mind knows how to do this; hence actually doing it is just a matter of discovering how to suspend nearly all conscious thinking, which is the way you let your unconscious mind run the musical show for a while. If you never have done this, then at first it will be strange to the point that you might begin to suspect there will be a knock on the door by a team of FBI Special Agents who have been sent to arrest you for losing your mind and playing notes on a grand piano which are not approved by the "National Administration for Protecting the Public Against Silly Pianists (NAPPASP)". At such times, you just need to power-through the paranoia and to embrace silliness, because as you will discover, it's not so "silly" as you might imagine initially . . . :+1 ]

phpBB [video]

[NOTE: By itself, the grand piano--which was played on a KORG Triton Music Workstation with 88 weighted piano keys--sounds a bit wacky; but when it's heard with the other instruments and singing, it fits nicely and logically based on the rule that if you play enough notes rapidly, then at least some of the notes and phrases will sound "good" . . . ]

phpBB [video]

Regarding saving the state of VSTi virtual instruments, what I know is that Studio One Professional 4+ supports this; hence the code exists in the PreSonus code vault . . .

NOTION 6.5 does this generally, but in my experience it depends on the specific VST effects plug-ins and VSTi virtual instruments which is the reason I now use what I call the "ReWire MIDI" strategy, where all the VST effects plug-ins and VSTi virtual instruments are hosted in Studio One Professional and NOTION is focused exclusively on music notation on ReWire MIDI staves, which makes generating MIDI the sole activity in NOTION during playback in a ReWire session where Studio One Professional is the ReWire host controller and NOTION is the ReWire slave . . .

If you use the "ReWire MIDI" strategy, then it's highly likely that the states for your VST and VSTi objects will be preserved and restored when you save and then reopen a project . . .

The state saving and restoring aspect generally works very nicely, but there might be a handful of VST and VSTi objects that behave differently, which I think is more a matter of the way such VST and VSTi objects are designed and coded rather than any problem with the Studio One Professional code . . .

I do everything on the Mac, so whether any of this is the case on Windows machines is something to which I cannot attest, but so what . . .

Lots of FUN! :)
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by brundle-fly on Sat Aug 10, 2019 11:38 pm
Thanks for the reply. I'll check out the grand staff thread.

Studio One 3 Pro, Notion 5, Cakewalk by Bandlab
2x MOTU 2408/PCIe-424 (24-bit, 48kHz)
Win10, I7-6700K @ 4.0GHz, 24GB DDR4, 2TB HDD, 32GB SSD Cache, GeForce GTX 750Ti, 2x 24" 16:10 IPS Monitors

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