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I posted this file to the share files section recently. Here's my recording of it.

This recording is made using Spitfire Audio's Solo Strings Violin and Cello along with Notion's native piano. I like the Notion piano a lot, and it's especially good for trills and pedals.

This recording was made entirely in Notion, no exports to DAW involved. Currently there's no way to use a Notion native instrument in S1 or other DAW (hoping that gets fixed in a later version, but it may have to do with licensing for the Notion instrument samples).

nTempo was used for humanization and to prevent "machine-gunning" of the repetitive chords in the piano and strings. I used some compression and fairly aggressive limiting to overcome some drastic dynamics issues, and added a bit of eq to bring out the string sound on the cello.

This is a long listen, topping out at almost 9.5 minutes. Hope you enjoy it.

phpBB [audio]

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by themaartian on Sun Jun 23, 2019 12:56 pm
Good listen, Michael!

I've got all of Notion's instruments. Guess I should try using them! :+1

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by Marcato on Tue Sep 24, 2019 1:35 am
A prime reminder of what can be achieved with plain vanilla Notion!
Thanks Michael!

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