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Can some one tell me what I'm doing wrong here? I tend to use either Notion or S1 but today decided to try them together for the first time (other than occasionally looking at the options out of curiosity).

I have a single track called "Piano" in S1. It is indeed a piano, or at least a sampled one- 88 keys and pedals - the lot (well, no things wot held the candles, Fred took them :D ). The sampler is Kontakt. The part is a typical two-handed bass and treble chordal arrangement.

Notion also has a piano - it too sounds exactly like a piano and is spelled the exact same way (it is good to follow conventions although often not considered creative).

When I attempt to export the track from S1 to Notion it denies all knowledge of this equal understanding ... "tell me more about this thing you call piano...." ;)

It therefore places all of my notes onto a treble staff which for a big chordal composition has about 349,243 ledger lines. Which is approximately 349,230 more than my mind can handle.

I can convert to a grand-staff but can't see anyway to set the split point between treble and bass clef.

I'm not super concerned about this because I tend not to use them linked but it would be nice to know how it should work. My understanding (clearly flawed) was that it matched on track instrument name and choosing something relatively well know like a Piano should work.

Cheers, for any help.


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by Surf.Whammy on Sun Jun 09, 2019 6:15 pm
There is a relatively easy way to do this if you have Studio One Professional and NOTION 6 . . . :)


This is one way to do it . . .

[NOTE: Read the comments after my post in the linked topic for a few more tips, one of which refers to the importance of the name of the instrument in Studio One. The current version of Studio One was "3+", but now the current version of "4+". It should work the same way, probably better . . . ]

'How to convert a single clef to a grand clef (when importing a midi track for example)' (PreSonus NOTION Forum)

There is an option in NOTION Preferences for setting the split point, and this is useful . . .

If this technique does not work for your particular setup, then try doing a manual MIDI export from Studio One and then import the exported MIDI file (*.mid") to NOTION, preferably when not in a ReWire session, which you do by starting NOTION first and then starting Studio One . . .

ReWire is excellent, but for this specific scenario you do not want NOTION running as a ReWire slave, and you do not want Studio One running as a ReWire host controller . . .

For reference, ReWire MIDI with Studio One Professional and NOTION 6 is my "goto" strategy, and it's fantastic in every respect . . . :+1

In this strategy, Studio One hosts the virtual instruments, and NOTION provides the music notation via ReWire MIDI staves . . .

"Project ReWire: NOTION + Studio One Professional" (PreSonus NOTION Forum)

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