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Everything just got a lot better . . . :)


Based on the observed and verified fact that the so-called "Youth of Today" must be mesmerized continually by popular music, some of the primary tools available to producers and audio engineers for this purpose make it possible to create "in-and-out" embellishments that I call "sparkles" . . .

One type of "sparkle" that is unique to NOTION is created by spreading the notes for a single instrument over several staves, each of which is panned to a different location on the "Rainbow Panning Arc" . . .


The way it works is that you spread the notes for a single instrument over several staves in such a way that the notes appear in different panning locations. Each staff is an exact duplicate of the instrument, but it's panned to a different location. This is one way you can create very precise motion which cannot be created easily any other way . . .

[NOTE: In this example, the eighth notes played by the synthesizer(s) start at far-left and move to far-right, followed by moving from far-right to far-left, always being at top-center in the middle of each full motion. This technique is most effective when folks listen with headphones, but it also works with loudspeaker listening, although not so distinctly obvious . . . ]


It takes a while--perhaps an hour or two for a typical three-minute song--but (a) it's very precise and (b) it's interesting for headphone listeners . . .

The back-and-forth motion can be rapid or syrupy slow, like the "ask-and-reply" synthesizers and chimes in this song, which is a fabulous bit of sarcastic parody directed at Lady Gaga in response to her hit song, "Bad Romance" . . .

[NOTE: This is pumped so it's hot. Be careful with the listening volume. I "borrowed" some of the synthesizer bits from David Bowie, but I changed them a tiny bit to make them mine. All the instruments are virtual and are controlled with music notation in NOTION. It's the way I roll . . . ]

phpBB [video]

"Feel Me" has rapid "sparkles" and real lead guitar doing the "Peter Gunn" bits, which I "borrowed" from Henry Mancini and tweaked a bit to protect the innocent . . .

It's a sarcastic parody of "Who Owns My Heart" (Miley Cyrus) . . .

[NOTE: This is hot, so be careful with the listening volume. Did I mention that I like syrupy "sparkled" chimes? Except for the singing and real lead guitar, everything is done with virtual instruments and music notation in NOTION . . . ]

phpBB [video]

The "Youth of Today" were weaned on high-speed connectivity and mobile interactivity, which basically maps to their having nearly absurdly short attention spans, hence the need to use a virtual festival of what older folks such as myself call "stupid noises", each of which provides the clear instruction, "Hey, focus your attention over here!" . . .

Yet another personal favorite for this purpose here in the sound isolation studio is Cyclop (Sugar Bytes), which is an effect plug-in that is played by music notation and makes all sorts of "wobbly" noises and as a bonus can be used to synthesize cat purring, as heard at the beginning of each primary vocal phrase in the fast part of the song when the verses start, as well as when the verses end . . .

[NOTE: It's subtle, but you can recognize it as a "magnetic tape swirl" when you listen with studio quality headphones like the SONY MDR-7506 (a personal favorite). Lots of rapid synthesizer "sparkles" in this one. The synthesized cat purring starts after the slower "sweet hour of prayer" vocal choruses in the fast part of the song when the primary vocal goes monotonic, which is mostly because the Aliens From Outer Space didn't beam me a melody, so I chanted the lyrics . . . ]

phpBB [video]

Project: "Sweet Hour of Prayer" (PreSonus NOTION Forum)


I received an email this week from the fine folks at UVI, and they have a new effects plug-in called "Whoosh FX" that moves whooshing to a stellar level which is an art form in its own right . . .

[NOTE: Whoosh FX actually has cat purring. High Five! I am a bit strange, but I'm not the only person on the planet who respects cat purring . . . :P ]

Whoosh FX (UVI)

Previously, it was possible to whoosh, but it typically required a lot of producing and audio engineering work, hence was not so easy to do . . .

phpBB [video]

It's a brave new world, and we now have major whoosh . . . :+1

Lots of FUN! :)

P. S. For those particle physics aficionados among us, it should be obvious that Whoosh FX can be used to simulate the sounds one might hear in the vicinity of the event horizon of a black hole--the sounds of Hawking radiation--which is fabulous . . .

Fabulous! :)

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