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instrument tranpose & enharmonic problem

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 3:49 am
by yornangdjajaputra
hi there,
i have a little problem..
so i create a big band score..
consist of alto saxophone in Eb tenor & trumpet on Bb & trombone in natural key

when i wrote a song in concert key of E (4 sharps)
it will automatically become
6 sharps on trumpet and tenor
4 sharps for trombone
which is good


it becomes 7sharps (c#) for alto saxophone instead of 5 flats Db

i already try to block all saxophone part and press shift+E (enharmonic shortcut)
it only become Db scale in key signature of C# (7 sharps)

my question is
how to make it completely (not just note but also key signature) into Db on alto sax and still 6 sharps on tenor?

thank you