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Saw that Notion 6.5 was released today, and I'm honestly not trying to be too negative here, but being able to playback and record notation with a standard sustain pedal seems like a pretty basic feature, and I'm again left disappointed to see that another major Notion update has been released without this. I'm generally not into conspiracies, and the logical part of me says this isn't the case, but a small part of me can't help but feel like this one is either 1) is not going to happen at all, or even more cynically, 2) being given the backseat until version Notion 7 so users will be forced to upgrade into a paid update to get this working.

My two wishlist items for Notion are: 1) integration into Studio One (i.e. a stripped down version that functions as a staff view, not a separate application) and 2) sustain pedal support. I can understand why full Studio One integration is taking a lot of time, probably a huge ask, but the sustain pedal issue is one that's becoming increasingly difficult to look beyond. Please consider this, not a complaint, but rather a plea that this longstanding issue get resolved sooner rather than later, even if at the expense of other development. I honestly don't view it as a feature request, but rather consider it a broken feature, which is what makes it particularly frustrating.
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by musicchamber on Mon Jan 28, 2019 6:59 am
Absolutely agree on both points, I am also not being negative but Notions' lack of recording sustain pedal is laughable.

Presonus really should be looking to add a staff view to Studio One Pro, most of the other pro daws have it, and also when Steinberg incorporates Dorico into Cubase, then that leaves Persons even further behind on this subject.


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by Bbd on Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:29 am
This is a known issue for a long time now.
You can vote it up here:

https://answers.presonus.com/4840/prope ... 4840#q4840


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by shanecoombs on Mon Jan 28, 2019 5:53 pm
A similar major issue that's been around forever is that controllers of any kind - dynamics, sustain pedal, whatever - don't work when a rule changes the channel. It was fixed in one of the version 6 builds for techniques, but it still doesn't work if the rule is responding to an articulation, a slur, etc.

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