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I am after some advice + thoughts here, any help much appreciated.

I am foremost a guitar player who is away from home (without guitar) quite a bit but I would still like to compose using Amplesound guitars + my laptop.

I'm a long standing Studio One user since V2 so get a nice deal on Notion..

I like the integration of Notion + SO, but am worried there is loads of functionality in there that I will just never use (scoring for example). Guitar Pro is obviously aimed at guitar players and doesn't do the orchestral bit and looks like it may be a better choice maybe?

Anyone got experience of both? I am after a program that I can enter just guitar details via TAB and then import them into SO when I get home. Both can do it though, as I see it so I can't make a bad choice.

Any thoughts?


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by themaartian on Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:03 am
I assume you mean the recently released Guitar Pro 7.5.

GP7 has been a pleasure to work with. For what you're doing, I think Notion is overkill.

The only caveat on Guitar Pro is that their Android app is ANCIENT (something like GP4). Don't know about their iOS app.

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by briandeeley on Thu Jun 21, 2018 12:03 pm
That's great info. Thanks.

(Title of thread amended)

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