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Hey! What's the problem? Notion 6 keep crashing when i try to send a notes to Studio One 3. Both Windows and Mac version do same thing.
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by Surf.Whammy on Wed Jun 20, 2018 1:08 am
More specific information will be helpful . . . :roll:

(1) Do you have NOTION 6 configured correctly for transfers to and from Studio One?

This is done in NOTION 6 "Preferences" on the "General" tab, where (a) you need to set the "Allow Network Discovery" option by checking it and (b) you need to unset or clear the "Enable ReWire" option by unchecking it . . .

(2) Do you have Studio One configured correctly for transfers to and from Studio One?

This is done by setting the "Allow remote control apps to discover this DAW" option, which you will find in Studio One "Preferences" in the "General" section on the "Network" tab . . .

[NOTE: In this context, "setting" maps to "checking the checkbox". "Clearing" maps to "unchecking the checkbox". Checkboxes are square and can show a "check" symbol. Radio buttons are round and don't have "check" symbols when selected or set. I call all of them "options", since it's more colloquial; but technically they are checkboxes and radio buttons . . . ]

(3) As a general rule, when transferring from NOTION 6 to Studio One, you want to start NOTION 6 first and then secondly you want to start Studio One. This way both apps are running when you do the transfer. In theory, the receiving app should start automagically, but don't count on it . . .

[NOTE: In my testing on the Mac, if you leave the "Enable ReWire" option checked--which works nicely in combination with the "Allow Network Discovery" option--then starting NOTION 6 first prevents an inadvertent ReWire session, since Studio One will not run as a ReWire slave. In the Windows universe, checking both checkboxes in NOTION 6 "Preferences" probably does not work, but so what. You need to start NOTION 6 first and then Studio One, regardless of operating system in this scenario as well as in the scenario where you are transferring from Studio One to NOTION 6. Either way, start NOTION 6 first to get the best results . . . ]

(4) Are you running the current version of NOTION 6 and the respectively current version of Studio One, which will be 3.5.6 or 4 something, depending on whether you have upgraded to Studio One 4 . . .

[NOTE: I have not upgraded to Studio One Professional 4, so here in the sound isolation studio the current version is Studio One Professional 3.5.6, which I check every day automagically. Doing these types of transfers is relatively new, so if you are running a version of Studio One 3 from a few years ago, it won't work. You need to be running the respective current versions . . . ]

(5) This works on the Mac, so it's just a matter of something not being configured correctly when you try it on the Mac . . . :+1


I do everything on a 2.8-GHz 8-core Mac Pro (Early 2008) running Mac OS X 10.11.6 (El Capitan), and it all works nicely with no problems . . .

NOTION 6 has problems on Windows machines that have dual XEON processors, so that's a possibility for it not working on the Windows side, but it's fine to have dual XEON processors for a Mac Pro . . .

"Notion is not compatible with i9 or dual Xeon processors on Windows"

[SOURCE: PreSonus]

It's not my fault! :ugeek:

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