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Hi all,
the User Guide chapter* on the interop between Studio One and Notion has now been updated and re-written to reflect the new features in Studio One 4.

New features for Notion<>Studio One interop include:
-new key signature field in Studio One allows correct enharmonic spelling on import into Notion
-receive chords from Studio One's new chord track
-new 'Send as lead sheet' button formats the Notion document automatically into a lead sheet
-receive customised markers from Studio One and import as rehearsal marks

The new User Guide can be downloaded right here:
Notion 6.4a.pdf
Updated User Guide for Notion 6.4
(18.88 MiB) Downloaded 116 times

Alternatively, it's available from your my.presonus.com account, or on the Notion downloads page.


*Chapter 15.7

Product Manager - Notion
PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc.

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