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I am using Notion IOS on a iPad Pro with apple pencil
This is a nice combination for typing notes.
I have an iPhone and an iPad air using Notion also and I have enabled iCloud on all these, and it work perfect.
The problem come when I want to use my MacBook pro or my MacBook air.
On my MacBook pro I run OS 10.12XXX and on my MacBook air I run the latest OS10.13
Last night every thing worked on my MacBook pro, I could open the iCloud folder named Notion and after a little struggling I also could do it on my MacBook air.
Today I was writing a score for piano on my iPad and something when wrong.
Normalt then I open the file on my MacBook and fix the problem and save and open on my iPad again. But no the folder Notion was dissipate on both the machine, and also in the file app on my iPad, but I created a new score on my iPad pro and I could read it on my phone and the other iPad also, iCloud work without the folder on iPad/iPhone but not on my computers.
Have anyone had this problem and found any solution?

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