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I have a Problem when importing MIDI Files. Most of the parts show up fine (Piano, Upright Base ect.) but I can't get the Drum part to work. Notion names the staff appropriately ("Drums") but chooses to notate in a piano staff instead of drum notation. If I go ahead and manually change the instrument to Drum Set in the staff settings, it shows only the upper part of the piano staff in a "drum-set staff" and deletes everything else. Also, it does not convert it to actual drum notation, it still shows normal notes with accidentals instead of drums-specific noteheads.
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by jamalbee on Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:28 pm
Unfortunately, as it has been debated here a great many times, Notion (whatever versions you're dealing with) does not know how to import properly drum midi files. Just type in drum midi file in the search engine and you'll get all the discussions about it.

If I'm to believe the communication about the last updates, Notion should have been able to do it by now. But the sad thing is that we get mixed results. It is true that now, drum parts are correctly named as "drum", but they still appears on piano staff with treble and bass clefs. And when you assign a drum staff to your drum part manually, most of the notes vanishes, except the treble ones...

As to why, I don't know. It may be difficult and since I'm not a programmer, I will not judge anyone about that. But...Sibelius imports drum midi files very well...So...

Also, if you work on Logic, have a look at this video. This guy made a very nice tutorial to get proper drum notation in Logic. He is the Surf.Whammy of drum notation :+1 !

How I wish it could be done in Notion !

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