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I am very interested in Notion 6 with its tight integration with Studio One. I have Finale and Sibelius and work almost exclusively in Finale. As far as I know, Finale is the only notation product that allows a real drag-and-drop mode of operation. it is very handy and has been there forever. You select a range of music and simply drag it anywhere within the same part, into another part in the same score, or even in a separate score. And before you drop, you can see exactly what beats will be filled by the material, so you can do the drop very accurately.

I know Notion doesn't support that, and that really isn't my question. One thing I really want to be able to do is drag MIDI swatches or loops into my score. You cannot do this with Finale. The best you can do is to drag a MIDI file into a new score and then drag across into your working score from there. That would be OK except that my most common need is to pull in drum patterns and these are a complete mess when you try to bring them into Finale.

OTOH, when I drag drum loops into my SONAR DAW, they behave and play perfectly. And the DAW allows you to drag that material anywhere you like.

So my question is this: If I had Notion and StudioOne tightly linked per the recent announcement, would I be able to drag my MIDI content directly into StudioOne, and then have that music show up automatically in Notion?

Has anybody tried this?

(My interest also includes other MIDI clips -- bass lines, whatever -- but the drum patterns are the most tedious for me.)

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