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I’m new here, helping out my son.

We are using Notion via a Spere membership.

He’s entering a score and needs other instruments :

- bass tuba
- tenor trombone
- tenor tuba

How can these be added?

Again, just a beginner here, I appreciate your help.

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by Surf.Whammy on Sun Jul 11, 2021 3:48 am
I do not have PreSonus Sphere, but I found some relevant information . . . :)


I have full, standalone licenses for NOTION and Studio One Professional, hence do not need PreSonus Sphere, but so what . . .

The relevant information I found is at this link:

Notion will not allow Expansion Sounds from PreSonus Sphere to be installed or activated (PreSonus Knowledge Base)

The PreSonus Knowledge Base item is focused on activating, but the relevant clue is found in the instructions for getting NOTON Expansion Sounds after NOTION is activated via PreSonus Sphere:

[after NOTION is activated via PreSonus Sphere] you can then download the Expansion Sounds from your PreSonus Sphere account under Products>Add-ons.


(1) I am presuming you already have activated NOTION 6 using your PreSonus Sphere subscription and credentials, so skip this step.

(2) Download the relevant Expansion Sounds from your PreSonus Sphere account under the "Add-ons" category of "Products", where you want to navigate to see the NOTION Expansion Sounds part of "Add-ons".

(3) If the download does not install the relevant NOTION Expansion Sounds automagically, then you need to run the relevant installation, which will be what you downloaded. Run it by clicking on the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions. If you run the downloaded installation, take the defaults, which will cause the Expansion Sounds to be installed at the correct location on your Mac. The next time you start NOTION, the relevant Expansion Sounds should be there, which tends to suggest that NOTION should not be running when you do the Expansion Sounds download and install.


I do not have PreSonus Sphere, so I have no idea how it works or how the graphic user interface (GUI) looks, but so what . . .

From reading the aforementioned PreSonus Knowledge Base item, it appears that the NOTION Expansion Sounds are found in the "Add-ons" category of "Products" in the PreSonus Sphere GUI (interface, program, or something) . . .

It might be one large Expansion Sounds, but as I recall it might be 6GB or larger; so it's more likely there are separate Expansion Sounds files or downloads for specific groups of instruments like "Brass" . . .

I think the clue is found in the aforementioned quote (see above) . . .

Lots of FUN! :)

P. S. I have been using PreSonus software for over a decade, starting with NOTION but a few years ago adding Studio One Professional; so I have a good sense of the way PreSonus software is installed . . .

Mostly what I am doing in this post is a matter of (a) knowing where to find information and (b) having a good idea how to interpret the information, which should be fabulous . . .

Fabulous! :)

The Surf Whammys

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by davidlarson6 on Sat Jul 17, 2021 9:25 am
Old brass player here.

"Bass tuba" is really just "tuba." There are different variations (BBb or CC for instance) but they're playing in essentially the same range.

"Tenor trombone" is the technical name for what is usually just called a "trombone." This distinguishes it from the Bass Trombone, which is pitched lower.

A "tenor tuba" is usually called a Euphonium or Baritone Horn. There should be a Notion instrument available for this. If not, it's generally in the same pitch range as the Trombone (although it has a different timbre.)
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by madisonfinley on Fri Jul 23, 2021 10:01 pm
I concur, bass tuba means tuba, tenor trombone means trombone, and bass trombone is available separately in Notion from trombone.

A bass trombone is the same length as a tenor trombone and is the same pitch. It has a larger bell and is often played with a larger mouthpiece, but is only a different pitch when it has a trigger for additional tubing.

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