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This is the updated project for my version of "Faster" (Techno Squirrels) . . . :)

[NOTE: LPX also records everything (audio and MIDI), but in this video I didn't demonstrate the recording aspect . . . ]

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"Faster" is a demo song that came with Reason 6 (Propellerhead Software)--perhaps Reason 5, but it's been a long time and I forget which version--and I use it to demonstrate how to add instrumentation with NOTION, virtual instruments, and music notation in a ReWire session where one of several Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) applications is the ReWire host controller and both NOTION and Reason are ReWire slaves . . .

[NOTE: All the major DAW applications do this--including Cubase (Steinberg), Digital Performer (MOTU), Live (Ableton), Logic Pro X (Apple), Pro Tools (AVID), Reaper (Cockos), and Studio One (PreSonus)--and I have verified this on the Mac for each one of these DAW applications . . . ]

In this updated version, the DAW application is Logic Pro X (10.3.3); and it uses Reason 9.5.2 and NOTION 6.3 . . .

There is a newer version of Logic Pro X, but it requires Mac OS X 10.12+, and the highest version of Mac OS X that runs on the 2.8-GHz 8-core Mac Pro (Early 2008) here in the sound isolation studio is Mac OS X 10.11.6 (El Capitan) . . .

The Mac Pro here in the sound isolation is nearly 10 years-old, but it's plenty peppy and more than sufficient for doing digital music production--including stuff like this, which as best as I can determine borders on being insanely extreme . . .

Whether anybody actually runs a DAW application, Reason, and NOTION in a real-time ReWire session is another matter; but I like to have a bit of FUN proving that it's possible to do things like this . . .

And for reference, this is not at the extreme limit of what can be done, since it's also possible and practical to have the DAW application sending MIDI to Reason to play Reason synthesizers; to have Reason sending MID to the DAW application to play virtual instruments hosted in the DAW application; to have NOTION send MIDI to both the DAW application and Reason to play their respective hosted virtual instruments; and to record real instruments and singing in the DAW application--all at the same time . . .

If it becomes possible to send MIDI to NOTION staves in real-time (not just to one track and then only to do step-recording or whatever), then it will be possible to do things that nobody ever would do (and few people would even understand) . . . :P

The level of software engineering expertise in these digital music production applications truly is amazing, and they do a lot more stuff than most folks imagine . . .

If someone suggests that NOTION doesn't do a lot of advanced stuff, tell them to watch this video . . . :+1

Lots of FUN! :)

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