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Edward Elgar is always challenging I think with the subtleties of his compositions, but this piece was especially fun to work on because of the quiet introspective nature of the theme. "Sighs" are not easy things to capture, either compositionally or instrumentally, particularly using virtual instruments, which are sometimes not the sharpest blades, but in this recording I really tried to interpret what I think Elgar was aiming for.

This was recorded in Notion using Spitfire Chamber Strings and VSL Harp, with added VSL Hybrid Reverb for a nice hall feel on the tail. MIDI CC data for controlling the instrument parameters was recorded on sequencer staves (three per staff, one each for Dynamics, Expression and Vibrato), making a total of 20 staves for the strings and one for the harp. There was a lot of work adjusting the note lengths, overlaps (for legato playing), inter-note gaps, etc. using the sequencer overlay. It's not the greatest tool, but it's indispensable in getting a "human" sounding performance out of Notion.

Anyway, let me know what you think!

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by Marcato on Mon Aug 14, 2017 1:10 am
Nice performance! I guess you'd have to be an expert to tell it's not the real thing ;-) Unless you listen very closely or are otherwise acquainted with the subtelties of the composition, i.e. the intention of the composer. And for sure, we've come a long long way since the SoundBlaster!

As usual, Michael, I take good note of your workflow description which I will apply in my own orchestral mockups.


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