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AudioBox 22VSL - Pops twice before audio play

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 12:44 pm
by aleksandarristic
I am using AudioBox 22VSL for a long time now, and never had and issue I could not handle.
But this time something happened, and for some reason every time I play a sound on my PC, even if it's just a windows volume control I have 2 pops.
First I checked if the sample rate is the same in universal audio and Win10. And everything is fine there.
I feel like drivers go to sleep after being inactive for 10 seconds.

This happened when I downloaded VU Meter from the website, and once I launched the installation file, I got this error "This file does not have a valid digital signature", and at the same time (and for the first time ) speaker icon in task bar got a red cross (as if it got inactive for few seconds).

So I tried installing fresh drivers that also did not work.
Only thing that is working is if I check listen to Line in all the time in Windows settings, but I don't like that option to be permanent since all was working fine before.

Did anyone else had similar issue?

If this helps:
OS: Win 10 64bit
CPU: i9700kf
GPU: GT 7300
Ram: 32GB

Thank you,