AudioBox 1818VSL, 44VSL and 22VSL
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I am a little scared to pull the trigger on this package. Does anyone have any experience with these? It seems like a great deal. You get some free stuff as well. Link below. ... SwpHFZaP5S
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by drfmpower on Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:27 pm
Anyone see anything wrong with buying this package or should I just stick with Guitar Center?
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by whurley3 on Fri Oct 20, 2017 8:25 pm
If it were me bud, and I've had a VSL1818 since they were first released, I'd stay far away from this deal.

It's a dead interface tha'ts not going to be supported much longer. I've had nothing but regrets since buying it.

Hoping I save you the trouble....

All the best,

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by cristofe on Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:08 pm
I've had the opposite experience. I've owned both an 1818 and 44. Now, it is true that I had some compatibility issues with some pc's and others have reported some issues with some versions of the Mac OS. This is more due to pc manufacturers changing protocols. Both Windows pc's and Macs have changed to favor more inter-connectivity with phones & tablets. Which in itself is not a bad thing but these changes are often detrimental to niche markets like pro audio, multi-media & graphic design. It's very difficult for manufacturers like Presonus to keep up to such constant shifts. They are not the only pro audio equipment manufacturers that have had such problems. Just have a look at various other boards, Steinberg, M-Audio, Focusrite, Motu and you'll see similar griping. It's not these companies fault that Microsoft & Apple threw them under the bus in favor of phone & tablet .inter-connectivity. They simply don't have the same scale of resources to constantly pivot along with the big boys. When I first got an 1818 it didn't work properly with the computer I intended to use it with.
So I changed my thinking. Instead of trying to force a square peg into a round hole....I got a square
hole. There are MANY computers that these interfaces work perfectly well with.

It's a dead interface tha'ts not going to be supported much longer.

So you work for Presonus then? Sorry but that's simply not true. New drivers are still being developed and released. The latest betas are being tested right now. And all the major retailers are still carrying them.

That being said these interfaces are now more compatible than EVER!! The older drivers with VSL
functionality still work perfectly well with some computers and the newer non-VSL drivers work with pretty much everything else.

I've had nothing but regrets since buying it.

Well....if you hate it that much I'd be happy to take off your hands for $100.

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