AudioBox 1818VSL, 44VSL and 22VSL
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From my original Ticket:
<My specs are in my signature>

Details about my issue (so you can compare if it looks like yours):
The device cracked and poped awfuly whenever using Asio4all, VSL software either within Reaper (DAW) or launching VSL software as standalone. It happened in EVERY SAMPLERATE with EVERY SAMPLE CONFIGURATION (from 64 up to 2024 the same ammount of noises).
Updating the driver (doing previous propper uninstalling of the old one) wasn't enough.


What i'm sure it was causing the glitch:
*DEFINITELY my Wifi wireless USB router was interfering with the AudioBox.
*Probably the outdated firmware driver.
*If there's a god out there. It hates my music.

Things that im quite sure had not influenced the device to crack and pop:
*PC capabilities
*Changing USB ports (all are 2.0 though)
*Bios and USB Drivers (I had the lastest of most, but i updated again just in case)
*Definitely Asio4all wasnt interfering
*Neither Google chrome
*Undoubtedly the glitch ocurred in the Analogic>Digital process, so nothing ive connected influenced in any way (as i read in some thread, where one person argued that this issue could be caused by *dirty pickups on a guitar*)
*Ive only tried this in a particular DAW: Reaper, but i think this wasnt determinant neither.

As last toughts im must say:
Using the VSL software i was able to monitor a guitar in every samplerate with lowest latency successfully.
I think i will still use Asio4all to work with my DAW 'cause, for my surprise, it seems
to be more stable than the VSL software. Also because i dont use Audiobox as my main Audio device for my PC, only when i record, so with Asio4all i can use my PC card as output to use my speakers as monitors (setting samples to 2024, if doesnt it will crack horribly), and when not i use headphones directly from the Audiobox.
Being capable of choosing outputs and inputs of your pc is something that VSL software lacks.
Without further ado, i hope it had help you.

PS: All of you excuse my crappy english. Ive decided to ask in this language bc im pretty sure you would give me much more attention this way.

Windows 8.1 Pro (64bits)
AMD A10-5800K 3.80 Ghz
8GB Ram
DAW: Reaper
Interface :AudioBox 44VSL -> Cracking problem Fixed :

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