AudioBox 1818VSL, 44VSL and 22VSL
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Hello fellow 1818 Users!

Ive used an 1818 VSL for about 6 years now using it to record and monitor via the VSL software in my Homestudio. I also added an 8 Channel ADAT Preamp to get more Channels. Everything was fine and working great. Until the 1818 VSL startet acting up last week. It is still recognised, but I only get noise on all channels (internal, not ADAT) and Phatom Power does not work (no indicator LED activity). I suspect it has something to do with the power supply inside the device - I opened it up and couldnt find any visible damage, but the transformer gets supsiciously hot. Without any deeper knowledge of reverse-engineering or a schematic, i myself am pretty lost and could only try to recap the power section on the board.

Anyways. I found a used unit for sale and am now conscidering just swapping the device.
BUT: The seller says the device is on the latest Firmware Version. And I need the AudioBox VSL Software to work. Is it possible to downgrade the firmware of the device to get it to work with VSL?

Do I even need to downgrade the FW on the device, or ist it just a case of running the right Application/Driver on the Host-PC? (Windows 10 by the way, never had any issues there).

I read the FW comes with the executables of the Host-Software (AudioBox 1.3 - or later UC...)?

So can i just use AudioBox VSL 1.3. And tell the device to downgrade or is there no way back?

If i can get no VSL to work, i might aswell just leave it behind and completely change the whole Setup - move to a Digital Mixer/interface combo... but Cost-Wise that would mean almost 10 times the price of a replacement 1818VSL...

Thanks for any advice!

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