AudioBox 1818VSL, 44VSL and 22VSL
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Why i cant use my presonus audio box 22 vsl any more since Oct 2018 till now.
I try to re-install updated driver many many times but waste time to do that anyway. Many comments i fiund in the internet there are Many of your customers facing this like me but no any one from presonus support team can help. Just advice very poor answers that every one can think that easily and do that themself . My English very bad but you know what i am writing sure!!
I amvery angry now with this. $#@&$_=/&$&%$€^$&¥$^¥/=;#@
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by cristofe on Wed Feb 06, 2019 12:33 pm
First of all my VSL interfaces work just fine here. It could be any number of things. Have you optimized your pc for audio production? Have you disabled wi-fi? Are you plugged into a USB2 or USB3 port? Audiobox interfaces are port must plug them into the same port you installed them to!

That being said we can help you better now and in the future with a bit more info......if you will post your system specs in your signature, (see my sig), we will be better able to troubleshoot your problems. Without knowing what type of pc you're running, what OS you're using, what DAW etc....we often can't recommend a "simple fix"

If you have not already done so please READ THE MANUAL!

PC'S: HP XW6000 Dual 3.2GHz Intel Xeon, 8GB RAM WinXP SP2 HP 6005 Pro AMD Athalon X2 B24 3.0Ghz, 4GB RAM Win8 Pro Dell Latitude E6410 Laptop Intel i5 2.67Ghz 8GB RAM Win7 Pro x64 Audio Interfaces: Terratec EWS88MT PCI (2), Audiobox 1818VSL USB & Firestudio 26x26 Firewire, Line 6 PodXT, Roland GS-10, NI Rig Kontrol 3

Monitors: Yamaha HS50M's DAW: S1 3.2.1 Pro

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by adriantysoe on Tue Jun 11, 2019 11:14 pm
If your using a VSL interface on an up to date Win10 PC. The only drivers that will work are the:


I've been using them for several months since I bout a 44VSL at a bargain price. Everything works fine, I use it for recording guitar, podcasts, video game audio. Direct input from my amp and realtime note recognition in Rocksmith and Yousician lol. I can use it to send and return for effect in front and in the loop of my amp. It's pretty cool.

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