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I am getting extremley frustrated with this bleep pre amp and i need help, ill also add i have a windows 10 custom built gaming pc so im not missing any important hardware
in my playback and recording devices i have my mic set to 1/2 its in the number 2 slot, and im using the headphone jack on the front for my headphones, im trying to hear audio from my computer through this pre amp including when i watch youtube videos and all that but heres the bleep thing, if my mic is enabled it immediately cuts off the sound going out of the pre amp, and if i have the speaker going it doesnt let the mic work. also with the sound not working it causes youtube videos to buffer over and over again, and i cant hear poop from fl studio. also wondering if theres a way to monitor the mic with audio from the headphone jack instead of using fl studios monitor option. do i need to have universal controls mixing program on to have this poop work and if so how do i do it so i can not only use it with my daw but also when im just watching videos or playing games :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: someone please help
:Note, restarted my computer and it shows mic levels and its playing audio but as soon as i open fl studio only the mic works and then theres no audio and my youtube videos start buffering
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by matthewgorman on Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:59 am
First of all, welcome to the forums. I would recommend taking a minute to review the forum rules to familiarize yourself with the community.

It sounds like you are trying to use the 1818 as both the default system soundcard, as well as the recording interface. That can be done, however, there are some intricacies in using a daw that may help to understand.

In Universal Control, you can set up the WDM routing so that your PC is using the correct inputs and outputs of the 1818, and this would work for all system generated audio, as well as audio from other programs and websites.

However, also using the 1818 for daw use, once you open the daw (in your case FL), most professional daws will take exclusive ownership of the system soundcard. This will prevent other programs from outputting audio, and is expected behavior. I am not sure of how FL works, but in Studio One, there is a setting to allow other devices to use the soundcard when S1 is minimized, but that still wouldn't allow you to have youtube running at the same time as S1. It also sounds like you are trying to use the 1818 for input, and system speakers for output? It won't work that way by default.

Macs have a feature called Aggregate devices which would allow you to use one device for input, and a separate device for output. Since you are on a PC, you do not have that option. There are programs out there that may allow you to do that on windows (ASIO4ALL), but they are not supported so you would be on your own in configuring.


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