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i just bought a usb96 audiobox. I would like to play with Garageband's touch instruments with my ipad Pro 2020 but I cannot find the solution. How to connect the iPad which only has a usb C output to the audiobox? I would like to find a solution to record a track in mono on studio one 5 pro by connecting my ipad (USBC) to a mono input of the sound card. Is it possible ? Am a beginner and a little lost
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by themaartian on Thu Jun 17, 2021 8:21 am
At a minimum, I assume you will need an Apple OTG cable like this one.


The OTG cable makes the iPad (in my case, my Android phone; I run Audio Evolution's Mobile DAW on it, using their low latency driver) the master device. On Android, it triggers the USB Host functionality. I'm assuming something similar happens with iPads.

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