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Hi all,

I have an Audiobox USB 96, and I am just very confused at the levels of my output.

When I play my guitar into my AT2020 (with phantom power on) and have my ATH-M30X headphones plugged into the phones on the back of the box, the sound is great. I have the gain all the way down on the box, and I don't even have to have the playback/recording knob all the way to recording to get a good, loud, full sound.

The problem comes when I try to record into Studio one 5.
When i record, the waveform is completely invisible. You can't see or hear a single blip until you normalize the volume or crank it up way higher than I'd like to. Since the signal is so low, turning it up just makes it sound so flat and hollow, and not to mention gaining it that way amplifies so much background noise and buzzing.

Is there a reason my phones signal would be so much worse than my recording signal? I have tried so many things. I cant get the recording volume to even scratch the surface of the amazing sound I'm hearing just from the phones monitor output.

TLDR; phones output on box sounds amazing and full, recorded signal into S1 is super low. Have to crank the gain to hear it and it's gross. Bad box?

Thanks for the help y'all :)
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by Tom Overthere on Tue Jul 06, 2021 2:35 pm
I'm usually on the receiving end of help and advice. :mrgreen: That said, consider the following:

In Studio One 5, open your Mixer/Console (F3).

At the left edge of the mixer window, see the Inputs button.
Select it to see your two (2) AudioBox INPUTS.

See the 0.0dB indicator at the top of each. The knob/pot at left is used to adjust the Trim (incoming signal) from -24 to +24 dB. Control+click the pot to reset it to zero.

Watch the two meters for AudioBox signal as you adjust the Trim pots. If nothing appears here, signal is not getting from your interface to the software. If you do see decent meter levels on the Inputs, you're probably not setting up your Tracks correctly. That will be STEP TWO.


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