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Hey all,
I have been trying for the last several years to write songs and as such I have purchased a couple of USB interface devices. (I have limited funds so I'm not talking about the top of the line gear.) I just built a new computer with an intel core i7 (6th gen) with 16GB of 2133mhz ram. The performance level has actually gone down from when I was using my old i5 (3rd gen) with 32gb 667mhz RAM.

The only real difference other than the amount of RAM is the old computer has an SSD HD. I am completely baffled by the increase in lag time (latency) on the new computer vs the old one. On the same buffer size settings I get 5.8 ms delay on the new computer and only 2.8 ms on the old computer. Both are Windows 10 64 bit. At first I couldn't even get the new computer to work at all with the newest model USB 96 device. In fact, It would not even see my midi keyboard after I finally got Windows to see that that the device was connected. When I connected the older device the keyboard worked. I have a new SSD HD ordered that should be here in a couple of days, but I don't think that will make much of a difference. I have to unplug the USB device prior to booting the computer or it will not work at all... ???

Any ideas or suggestions as to what is causing the problem? I do not have the new computer connected full time to the internet, and I have even gone through all of the Windows startup and disabled everything that is not required for the computer to function properly. I am considering ordering another interface that uses USB-C 2x2 rather than the standard USB. My problem is that will end up costing me another $200 that I really can't afford right now.

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