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Audiobox USB 96 has an issue where the MIX knob doesn't fully cut off the input bleed thru to the outputs.

If you connect mic or synth or any sound source to the input and turn the MIX all the way clockwise to "playback", there shouldn't be any bleedthru of the input audio coming out of the outputs - but there is and it cannot be shut off completely.

It is faint so if you have your speakers turned down low you won't really notice it, but if you have your monitors turned up and you are feeding a healthy signal into the inputs (something just below clipping) you will hear the input coming out of your speakers even though the MIX is turned fully clockwise.

This does not happen with any of my older Presonus units (Firepod, firestudio etc.)

I see other people are having the same issue so this isn't just my particular unit.
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by joebasso on Sat Jan 02, 2021 11:35 pm
This is very problematic for me as well. Did you find a solution?

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