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I'm trying to simply record myself (video) singing and playing my guitar.
I have the Audiobox USB96 and can record both tracks in Studio One 5. I have XLR mic plugged into Line 1 and 1/4" guitar plugged into Line 2.
However, I'm having ZERO luck recording both tracks when I try to use any of my video programs. I've tried Premiere Elements 2018, Filmora9, and CyberDirector 365. I have a friend with the EXACT same equipment. She uses Filmora9, plugs her vocal into Line 1 and her piano into Line 2. Hit's "record" and captures video and both audio tracks at the same time.

She even came over and we couldn't get it to work!

Any ideas?
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by Bbd on Tue Sep 15, 2020 6:21 pm
Your friend's audio setup in your PC is what makes it work with video outside of S1.
Since you both have the same setup, really look to see how she has her audio device and drivers setup for your PC and the video app she is using.

What are your specs?


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