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AudioBox Problems

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2019 2:40 pm
by bokidjordjevic
I have recently updated my PC to Windows 10 and, as soon as i did that, i started encountering big problems with my AudioBox USB 96.

I installed the drivers (it was a clean Windows installation), and started using the device as my main sound card (as i have with Windows 7), and that's where my problems started. The audio would randomly turn off, or it would turn off when i was switching audio sources (e.g. from my browser to a game). I thought that it was a problem with USB 3.0 compatibility and switched to my 2.0 port.

This seemed to worsen the problem as now the AudioBox was randomly disappearing and reappearing in my list of audio devices.

Also, when i start GuitarRig (for my bass guitar), it says that the ASIO driver is "stopped". I can click on it to start it again and get some input, but it stops after 5-10 seconds.

I'm attaching an Imgur adress with the videos of the occurrences (sorry for the quality, i don't have any screen capture software yet).

Do i need anything else other than the Universal Control driver for the AudioBox?


(post was copied from the support ticket, sorry for any ugly formatting)