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Hi all!

This is my first post and I’m here out of sheer desperation, I’m super close to quitting what I do (podcasting) because the current state of things is driving me crazy and I cannot seem to find a solution!

I used the blue yeti mic which was quite decent, however wanted to level up my game so went for the audiobox 96 usb 2.0 pre amp & rode nt1a microphone. Unfortunately, ever since I bought these I have nothing but problems... and it is really hard to identify the culprit when using condenser mic and pre amp which is then plugged into your pc (mine is MacBook Pro).

So basically the problem is an absolutely awful sound that I can hear on the headphones before I even start to record anything. I am recording in home environment, in a small room that is usually used as a wardrobe, with a chest of drawers & clothes racks etc. Maybe there’s no point in mentioning this but at this stage I am desperate so will try to include as many details as possible.

Rode NT1A is said to be very sensitive, however it’s hard for me to believe that it may be this bad. Especially that I’ve seen people doing tutorials / reviews of this mic and using it in rooms that are not studios but spaces they use on everyday offices etc. I thought of installing some panels or soundproofing foam but since I have no idea what the issue is, there is no point in me spending all this money. I tried blankets, pillows etc, I even put a giant inflatable mattress in front of me, so I was expecting to see (or actually hear) at least a tiny difference, loads of people using these methods said this is what they actually do, no phone boots or foams.

My DAW is currently Studio One that comes with audiobox, however I tried GarageBand & Adobe Audition with the same devices and there is no difference whatsoever.

The biggest mystery to me is the pre amp setup, particularly the knobs.

I will be honest, I am simply using the trial and error method to try to see what is working and what is not.

- mixer knob - I’m using this one towards the input as I’m only recording my own voice
- main knob - I am not entirely sure what is the purpose of this one
- 1/2 inst mic - surprisingly, these two confuse me the most, as I can actually hear anything if the knob is turned down to the maximum (clockwise). If I try to turn it up a bit (counterclockwise), then I am not hearing any background sounds but also when I record the software is not capturing anything.

Let me also mention that I plug the pre amp usb power cable into the adapter and straight into the computer, I know it works best when plugged directly, however I think it cannot be the main reason for my misery?

And last but not least, I am under the impression that my voice is very echoed and doesn’t sound soft/warm, which is what I thought cardioid mics are good at. I appreciate the sound may be bouncing back from the walls... but honestly, I think that my voice sounded a hundred times better using yeti.

I know this is a lengthy post and am sorry if I have not posted it in a right place, hopefully someone can help me or at least point me in the right direction! I would be forever grateful.
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by Trucky on Mon Aug 19, 2019 7:02 am
Did you install the latest Universal Control software and Is the 48V phantom power enabled on the Audiobox USB 96?

Here's descriptions for your question regarding the Mixer and Main knobs:


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