AudioBox USB, AudioBox Stereo and AudioBox Studio
Music Creation Suite (PS-49 Keyboard, Studio One, Notion, Nimbit, XLR cable, M7 Mic, Headphones and USB 2.0 Hub)
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I regret purchasing this studio complete pack. There is no way to make it work.
Hello everyone I changed my computer to new one running with Windows 10 Pro and I can confirm that the drivers and PC does not detects the Audiobox USB 96. I tried to probe with and old one computer with Windows 7 and the system in this case detected the Audiobox. Could you Help to all the people with this issue with Windows 10?
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by ricardoquiroga on Sat Sep 04, 2021 12:47 am
Tengo un pc athlon x2 64 ....dual core 5000 2,6GHz
Ram 4g
Windows 10 home
Al comenzar a trabajar en studio one, la audiobox USB 96 arrojó errores de controlador.
Mensaje: el dispositivo audiobox no se pudo iniciar correctamente.
Reinicio, sigo ciertas instrucciones del foro pero vuenve a fallar cuando activo phantom power 48v

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