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Recently moved to a building with neighbors - always used to use simple 8 track devices with mic's and amps to record - now I have to play through headphones if I want to record or even if i just want to jam. So I picked up an AudioBox USB with Studio One.

The problem I am getting right out the gate is I can hear my clean guitar but I'm not getting any effects in real time/while recording with Studio One 3. Also when I record - insert the effects and playback through the AudioBox I can barely hear it. If I switch my "Playback Device" in the "Start" menu to "Built-in Output" and go to my track I can hear the added effects in real time/during recording.

How do I set this system up so when I play guitar in real time/during recording I can monkey with the ampire and stomps and hear it through my headphones plugged into my AudioBox

I am running MacOS Sierra btw. Hope you can help I'm getting fairly frustrated

EDIT - fixed it there was a problem with my mixer

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by luisdonghi on Sun Apr 08, 2018 9:01 am
Wondering how did you fix it ? Im trying to achieve the same with Audiobox Ione, but can only hear my clean guitar using Ampire.

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