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Firebox has worked and remained connected for months not suddenly no power. The blue light on front is off. Tried reconnected firewire cable but no resolve. Connected AC adapter and got power for about 45 minutes then it went off again. Have repeated process but will not connect. Argghhh!!! HOpe someone has an answer as I'm in the middle of a project with a short deadline. Thanks!
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by cristofe on Mon Jul 11, 2016 12:07 pm
If you have NO power.....that is to say NO light red or blue....when the ac adapter is connected then the problem is neither the firewire cable, or your pc. Either your ac adapter is faulty or something has blown on the firebox's internal power supply board....likely a capacitor was going bad and then finally blew. This is not all that uncommon. Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy fix. You will have to have it serviced. Presonus offers a flat repair fee of about $85....which also gets you a 1 year warranty. I am not entirely sure that they can still service a Firebox tho as it has been out of production for some time now and parts may not be available. If I were you I would test the adapter to see if it is putting out the proper voltage. If it's the culprit a replacement can be easily found.


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