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Hello, does anybody know if I can use a Firebox and a Firestudio Project on the same computer running WIN 7 64 bit, with a quad core processor, and 8 gb ram?

Which driver do I need and which Universal Control? What pitfalls will I see so I can avoid them? If I have to do away with one of them I also have a MOTU 828 Hybrid that has usb and firewire. So I could use the MOTU or the Firestudio for multitracking and keep the Firebox to run all my general sound duties?

What about win 7 updates. Do I stick with win 7 64 bit SP1 with the platform update? Once I get everything up and running the computer will be used for multimedia and studio use only. I do not put my studio computer on the internet unless I have a drive image known to be good and stable first.
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by cristofe on Wed Jun 08, 2016 11:10 am
No....no.....and no. You cannot daisy chain a Firebox with a Firestudio. A Firstudio Mobile or any other member of the Firestudio family will work but a Firebox will not. You also cannot use the Motu
simultaneously with ANY Presonus interface. And yes, once you've got SP1 and platform updates installed so S1 will run I would recommend you cease updating......if it aint broke don't fix it. As for UC just use latest one for the Firestudio:


That's what I do with my main DAW. Get it running right and then don't let it anywhere near the net.


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