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OK, I'm crazy. I'm also poor and can't afford a new board.

I have a Firepod (my first recording interface) and a 16.4.2,

I'm in a live recording setup and the 16.4.2 is just a few channels short of what I would like to have.
I'm using the Studio One software and would like to use the Firepod to add a few more channels to the recording.

Has anyone tried this?

I don't need anything from the Firepod except to record the inputs from both the Firepod and 16.4.2 at the same time.

I don't want to do anything that would cause problems for the 16.4.2 because it's taken me MONTHS to get the setup configured so it is stable.

If anybody is as crazy as I am and if they have made something like this work please enlighten me as how this can be done- if possible.
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by cristofechabot on Thu Dec 31, 2015 3:26 pm
No. Sorry, this can't be done. Firepods cannot be daisy chained with StudioLive mixers.
However, the firestudio family of interfaces can. If you are on a Mac however, you may
be able to do this under core audio as an aggregate device.....I can't guarantee that would
work well tho....or at all.

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