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Windows 7 and daisy chained firepods/fp10's

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 10:45 am
by jameswampler
I had a hell of a time getting my two fp10's to sync for any amount of time. One unit worked just fine but daisy chain a second one and they would lose sync consistently. I then read about someone having the same issues running sonar with two units. He would have a crash where mine would just lose sync and reset.
I'm running a windows 7/64 desktop. Studio one pro/ firewire pcie card.
I learned from the sonar user that I needed to roll back my firewire driver to the legacy driver. This made a difference but did not fix it.

What did fix it was disabling all windows audio. They are set to reinitialize automatically.
start menu/ right click computer/ manage/ windows audio dbl click and disable. I also disabled anything else that may have to do with audio as overkill. it seems that windows 7 audio tries to regain audio superiority thus causing an interruption with the two pods.
in short...use legacy driver for firewire card and
disable all windows audio
technical terms lacking here but have found my two fps working just fine for the first time

Re: Windows 7 and daisy chained firepods/fp10's

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 4:08 pm
by palladinojt
Trying this fix, but don't see "Windows Audio" anywhere as described in your post. Where do I go from here (see attached)?

Re: Windows 7 and daisy chained firepods/fp10's

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 3:44 am
by crisnich
Yes, we are in 2018, almost 2019 and this is an amazing sound device, an amazing interface. I have three of them, daisy chained and give's me 30 OUT audio ports. I working fine , but only a weeks ago I found the solution for the sync fail. (led's blink red and turns to blue).
And, in my case, the AVAST antivirus was the problem.
I looked at events register, and in the exact moments of lost sync, theres a register for "Avast can't update" or similar.
Uninstalled AVAST and is almost 3 weeks without loosing sync anymore. Allways working in 48khz (because the AD DA adaptors of SPDIF).
Good luck!