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Just an FYI for anyone wondering... :roll:
I'm still able to use my FP10 with Studio One version 3.3.4. ;)
I use it via the Thunderbolt port on my laptop (w/ a Firewire converter).

My Studio. ;)

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by Creakside Studio on Sat Aug 13, 2022 4:40 pm
I am using four (yes 4) Firepods with my 2020 MacBook Pro (with the Apple FireWire Adapters).

I have an Aggregate device set up and 32 analog inputs are available and record nicely. The SP/DIF ins and outs do not work but that’s OK.

I record using Logic Pro. Oddly enough Studio One crashes when I use these devices (S1 works fine with one FP10 interface connected).

I have had these old friends (FP10’s) since 2005. I have many gigabytes of audio recorded in my meager home studio over the years.

I am going to upgrade one day soon, but having these vintage devices still working after all these is amazing and fun.

Here’s a recording using my old friends…


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