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I have some old equipment that was working fine until nI had to upgrade my computers.
I have a new Mac Mini M1 with Big Sir and I have MY FP10 and a Roland VS1680 and a USB M-Audio Oxygen 88
The Roland has no USB and the FP10 Firewire. I was able to get a FW400-800 adapter and Apple sold me a 2 adapters that go from that into the mac mini usb C input (I am not sure what it is really called)
So Presonus has no update drivers for FP10, but it works when it p[lugs in and is recognised.
I wanted to get the Digital in & out working so I could send unpolluted stuff to the Roland. Sweetwater had some tips about setting on the Roland clock setting and it accepted the setting & appeared to be chatting with FP10 because when I disconnected the coaxial it fell out of time lock.
I couldn't get any sound into the Roland as I could use the FP10 control program to set it up. When I looked in Studio 1 5 and the FP 10 ins & outs, there are 10, but only 8 in really. so i set the output to 9&10 and got pure stereo into the Roland recorded on 1 of the stereo tracks. So it is a win. As yet I have no been able to get the digital signal back from the Roland into S1 using the same 9 &b 10 inputs so I am trying all sorts of combos.
If you don't have the same setting for the S1 song as the Roland eg 44.1 etc it drops out of lock. You have to set up each song with the same setting on the Roland. I haven't tried just setting the same scene for the next song when created, that might save small effort. So the old stuff doesn't have to have usb to be useful, not 100% yet, but if it goes one way, there must be a path back. I have seen these topics (old Roland/old FP10) on many forums and helps sites, no one had the answers for me to get this far but the Sweetwater site were the most helpful. When I have time I will swap over to my W10 running on an older PC and see if I can achieve the same or better. I hope this helps someone save some money not having to ditch some good old models.
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by SwitchBack on Fri Aug 20, 2021 7:49 am
Hi and welcome to these forums :)

Thanks for the heads-up, appreciated!

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