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im running 2 firepods daisy chained together, 1 of them is running of a 15vac wall wart and the other is running off of a 13-18vdc supply. the second unit seems like it doesn't want to run off the dc supply, so as I have a spare 16vac wall wart supply from a studio channel laying around, can I run the 2nd firepod of this 16vac supply or do I need to get another 15vac supply?
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by cristofe on Wed May 15, 2019 9:52 am
If the your studio channel supply is a from a Presonus Studio Channel and has the same specs as your other Firepod and the same connector I would recommend using that. No need to buy another supply. A couple other tips....the Pod with the lower serial# should go first in the chain. Also the Firepod and FP10 are physically the same. But the FP10 runs different firmware. They must both be Firepods or FP10's. Here's the tricky part. It's possible to upgrade a Firepod to FP10 status by updating the firmware. If one of your units has been upgraded you will need to upgrade the other or they will not sync.

In any case, yes use the 16VAC power supply and see if they work daisy-chained. If one is showing up as an FP10 you will need to upgrade the other one. I can help you with that if you need to but, hopefully, they are both still just regular Firepods.


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by rockgod212 on Wed May 15, 2019 1:04 pm
I do believe they are both still firepods, as I sent one back to have it reverted back to the firepod status and they show up as firepods, I will have to check. what or why does the serial # order affect things? on pod 2 one of the fire wire ports is dead, so I have to run it accordingly.

here is whats going on, 1 firepod using the 15vac supply will sync when used alone, then when the other pod is running off the dc supply and daisy chained they both keep cutting in and out of sync- then they stay out of sync and the pod using the dc supply wont sync when used alone either. now I have tried using the 15vac supply with pod 2 and it stays synced alone. I had gotten another 15vac supply and they stayed synced up together perfectly, but somehow that supply got smoked when using it on a bluetube box, so that's why I went back to the dc supply on pod 2.

so in the end I have another 15vac supply coming, so we will see what it does. its just strange how the ac or dc supply is affecting the sync.

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