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FIrestudio 2626 an and RME HDSP 9652

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 2:07 am
by jackylouposedel
I used this RME card without any problems with my Focusrite LS56 and i know is good. Ive got a newer model now on LS56 and I wanted to use my old firestudios with xmax preamps as a AD converter.

RME card is locked in and shows a sync wiith same setting as usual using focusrite but there no digital data coming in the total mix. Spdf is set as clocksource, I disconnected the firewire cable and sync light is blinking. Can I use this 2626 unit as a standalone or it has to be connected to firewire at all times in order to send digital signal to RME? I am done with firewire and i am not going back even if i have to buy new preamps!

Does anybody use the same setup? Do I really have to be connected to firewire/UC at all times to send light to RME hammerfall?