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firestudio 2626 sync problem

Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2016 1:46 am
I use firestudio 2626 on macbook pro 15 mid2010 - el capitan, with PreSonus_Universal_Control-174 for few months without any problems. Last week I needed extra tracks and I connected (daisy chain) firestudio 2626 with firestudio mobile. Even than everything worked great and I used all 16 tracks to record two days session. Yesterday I wanted to connect firestudio 2626 but flashing red-blue light is on showing sync problem. Mac recognize firestudio (system preferences/Firewire) and I tried to reinstall universal control following this link:

Also tried lot of other options. When I connect firestudio 2626 on other mac it's sync in few seconds, so cable and hardware are ok... Any ideas?