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FS2626 - Updating from FS Control Panel Software and Firmware to Latest (Supported) Universal Control for WinXP SP3

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 5:12 am
by Daryl Thompson
Hi All,

This is my first post - I'd pasted it into a thread on Win 10 but now realise this should have been in it's own thread - my apologies to admins/previous posters for any inconvenience caused...

I'd been searching the forums for Firestudio 2626 articles, and this one seemed to be the most relevant, I'm hoping the knowledgeable who've posted here re: Win 10 might also be able to shed some light on my set up/updating woes - this would be very gratefully received!

I'll try and keep it brief, whilst giving enough details - I've added some setup items to my signature to help clarify - my essential goal is to determine if I am able to update my Firestudio 2626 software (and Firmware) to Universal Control software, and how to do it;
A summary of the last few days' efforts could be as follows:

1. Recently rebuilt studio setup - Firestudio was last used circa 2014, running original Control Panel V 1.0 and Firmware Version 1.04 on Win XP Pro SP3 (32-bit). I've nothing attached to the 2626 atm, as I'm setting up slowly - it's been a few years between drinks so-to-speak, so I'm keen to understand and update each element in the set up phase to it's "current" state prior to launching into creativity; I expect to be running Cubase SX3, to sequence a range of recording projects - primarily guitar audio, and electronic instruments/samples;

2. I understand the product differentiation between each of the Firestudio models, that the 2626 is no longer supported, BUT that the 2626 is able to run/compatible with the later-released "Universal Control" software package, which was an update/replacement to the original "FS Control Panel" package originally bundled with the Firestudio; The latest available version of Universal Control compatible with WinXP Pro SP3 is V1.2 via legacy downloads page at Presonus' website;

3. I've downloaded this latest package several times, un-installed the FS Control Panel (FS CPL), however the installer either (a) gets to it's end though will not show/allow selections for the internal clock, OR the buffer size (both show as blanks), indicating to me that the install hasn't successfully worked; Or, (b) the software simply does not respond after the automated restart; In the 3b scenario, the Firewire sync light is showing BLUE indicating it's connected and sync'd, but with no launchable software window;

4. The original FS CPL software has no way of updating Firmware or Software manually, so I'm unable to get to the process from "inside" the 2626 when it is visible/connected to FS CPL; I've tried manually updating the driver AFTER an "unresponsive" install through WinXP Device Manager, which updates the drivers as listed, but does not allow the Universal Control Software Panel to open (it just hangs, with "Not Responding" status in WinXP Task Manager);

I'm open to any suggestions, as this is hindering start up of new studio projects. I'm loathe to simply buy a new unit, as there's nothing wrong with the XMAX Class A preamps and audio processing power in the current unit, and this would seem wasteful.

If anyone has an idea of what may be causing the issue, I'd be very happy to hear from you;

Re: FS2626 - Updating from FS Control Panel Software and Firmware to Latest (Supported) Universal Control for WinXP SP3

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 5:31 am
by Daryl Thompson
I've been at it for a few more hours, and via the following process have managed to get partial operation:

1. Uninstall FS CPL - then restart PC;
2. Install UC V1.2 from Presonus Legacy Products Downloads page - then restart PC;
3. Connect and power up FS2626 and complete WinXP SP3 "Add New Hardware" dialogues, selecting "No not at this time" radio button (to preclude WinXP from searching the internet for drivers), and then selecting "Install Automatically" once WinXP had specifically identified the Presonus Electronics Audio device;

Curiously, the auto installers run through three times - once for audio, and twice for Presonus MIDI;

Notwithstanding, the shortcut Presonus' UC software installer places on the desktop simply does not function - but, if I R-click on the *RED* Presonus icon in the task bar, I am able to open via the Show Launcher option in the context menu. Two strange things are happening:

1. Buffer size options are non responsive, though if I repeatedly select different options, it ends up on 256, with smaller (i.e. lower latency) buffer sizes becoming deleted from the list of options;

2. Internal Clock has no available options - aside form a greyed-out "(no option)" text in the drop down menu;

The "old" software linked, sync'd and worked fine, had "Internal" shown as the correct clock source and ran very reliably at the 128 buffer size. I do appreciate that I'm trying to run a legacy machine on an obsolete OS(!!) but it "should" work, shouldn't it? Or am I fighting a losing battle here... :(

Any ideas would be gratefully received - I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel here, or get a cutting edge studio setup; I'm just looking for a reliable and solid audio device to run Cubase SX3, Reason 3/4, and a list of soft synths and FX plug ins from a few years back, as a starter - if this goes well, then I'd be looking to get a newer Presonus 19" rack mount which can reliably daisychain a 2626 so I can still use the device for audio routing, and develop the set up from there -


Re: FS2626 - Updating from FS Control Panel Software and Firmware to Latest (Supported) Universal Control for WinXP SP3

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 5:35 am
by Daryl Thompson
Also, post script, there is no option or route to launch the Universal Control mixer, which is not available to download separately ... Man this is getting painful... :(

Re: FS2626 - Updating from FS Control Panel Software and Firmware to Latest (Supported) Universal Control for WinXP SP3

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 11:38 am
by cristofe
So you're running UC 1.2 and can't access the mixer? That's odd. I've tried my 26x26 with MANY combinations of machines, OS's and versions of UC. I've gotten it to work with versions up to 1.72.
But never could access the control panel with anything later than 1.2....but I've always been able to access it in that version. I've not tried to use it with Win10. I did have it working with 8.1. But when I "upgraded" to Win10 I had too many problems with it and other legacy hardware and software so I rolled back to Win7. For that matter I still maintain a WinXP machine for the same reasons. Sometimes older hardware/software just works better with the OS it was designed for. Not suggesting you do that but it worked for me. Presonus does not support or suggest downgrading your OS but they don't support the 26x26 anymore either.

Re: FS2626 - Updating from FS Control Panel Software and Firmware to Latest (Supported) Universal Control for WinXP SP3

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 4:49 am
by Daryl Thompson
Thanks Cristofe - I am hearing your message to try upgrading the OS - I understand this, and it makes sense, though I was hoping to get it all to work on the XP machine first!

My reasoning for having the WinXP machine is/was two fold -
1. that I am just rebuilding a 2002-era studio, albeit with lots of new tech bits, and the soft synths and programs I have all are on this PC; And
2. I retain an XP machine for a Bruel & Kjaer app (2260 Link) which allows downloading of the B&K 2260 Type 1 Sound Level Meter, of which my acoustic design and engineering company owns. Though it (2260) originally went to the moon in its heyday(!), it's now totally obsolete, and has been replaced with all singing-all dancing Norsonics sound pressure measurement kit, but I've always kept it!

I've approached the rebuild process in a slow and methodical way, and there were several questions - all aimed at the two particular projects I am seeking to create, which are acoustic guitar audio projects, and electronic music projects; with the electronic stuff, I run a MacBook Pro for a Traktor 2 Pro suite (incl. controllers) as a live performance sample/supplement to my vinyl DJ stuff (mainly US and UK deep house - a love I've never let go of since my youth!);

For the main studio PC, the old WinXP machine has been around the world with me, and is most likely in it's final resting place, I had hoped to get it going to a reliable state once more, running the Presonus Firestudio 2626 as a main audio device, possibly daisy chaining another and routing through my main DAW program (still undecided on this, my "old stock" includes a copy of Cubase SX V3.0) and using the Mackie Control Universal incl. Control Extender to provide a 16-channel "pseudo-fixed mixing desk" and utilising the Cubase main recording mixer, appropriately routed;

The question may now become "If I am needing to upgrade my WinXP PC OS, it is likely the motherboard drivers and attached PCI interface cards (e.g. 1394 Firewire (Presonus approved!) card) etc may resist Win 7 - which is as far as I would go in the Windows environment.

The question then becomes, "If the entire base PC is no good, do I upgrade to a new PC/OS or change the whole system to Mac?" knowing my operational goals, and existing MacBook Pro set up with the Traktor and Technics 1200 MkIIs, this is a serious re-think and purchases - minimum would be a PC OR Mac decision, THEN a new audio device - Firewire is not a Mac supported connection, so the 2626 becomes dead wood, and I'm left needing two new audio devices, and a bunch of XMAX pre-amps and ins/outs I cannot use. Which would be immensely frustrating....!

I imagine the somewhat frustrating answer is

1. Attempt an upgrade to Win 7 Professional;
2. Test each program/device/soft synth and ditch anything that won't function - most likely to be a new PC build;
3. Find a suitable Presonus daisychain-able device compatible with the FS 2626 and make use of the ins/outs;
4. Find a syncing device in the event I want to run Mac/Traktor performance audio into a digital audio channel on the daisy chained main studio in/out Presonus (or otherwise) pro audio units and into the chosen DAW...

Suppose I'm way off topic in my musings(!), though I very much appreciate your comments and time spent responding, and can discern that this "preferred format" that I had in mind, elicited above, is likely to simply not work as I'd hoped, for an unknown driver/software/not supported reasons. Please tell me I'm wrong?!

Thanks mate

Re: FS2626 - Updating from FS Control Panel Software and Firmware to Latest (Supported) Universal Control for WinXP SP3

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 10:11 am
by cristofe
Ok, apparently I didn't entirely get the gist of where you were going. I'm not sure why you're having problems with UC 1.2.2 as it supports WinXP. I maintain an XP DAW myself as several bits & bobs of hard & software need it. I suggested Win7 as a downgrade from bad. You should be able to get the 26x26 running under XP no problem. At this point tho, it would be a good idea to do a thorough and proper install/re-install of UC:

As to this......

Firewire is not a Mac supported connection

Newer Macs can be used with a thunderbolt/firewire adapter.....whether UC will work with
a particular OS or not is another story.

Re: FS2626 - Updating from FS Control Panel Software and Firmware to Latest (Supported) Universal Control for WinXP SP3

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 3:09 am
by Daryl Thompson
Hey mate - update... I'd really wanted to come back with an "Awesome - thanks so much" message... I really appreciate the time and responses - the following is a bit of a log of what was done and results...

I read the detailed "CLEAN INSTALL" process from the Presonus Forum link above; This appeared to work until final start up, which triggered *new* errors in WinXP; this was initially encouraging(!) as it indicated "something" had changed, but we still weren't right. The new error messages were "SRV#001 Error" and "CLED.exe" error - Some Google-ing found answers on a web forum thread. BOTH errors were seemingly unrelated to Presonus/UC/Firestudio 2626 and apparently relate to H2O (cracked) Software dongle emulators - now I do understand the "genuine software" argument, and my shifty copy of Cubase SX3 is will be replaced with genuine ONCE I understand if my 2626 device can work in WinXP... old enough and wise enough to buy the real; stuff now, but in truth I'd never had an issue with Cubase SX3 / Firestudio previously, which suggests these *new* errors are unrelated to Presonus - this is just what happened.

So, Attempt 2. Using the msconfig dialogue in Windows>Run, I unticked the "CLED.exe" to run at start up and restarted... Retried a full "CLEAN INSTALL" - this time the Presonus UC Installer failed in a similar way to my first few attempts earlier this week, (greyed out "Clock Source Select" and cannot select "Buffer Size". In addition, another error dialogue "LU 5 Failed to Load" message appeared at start up; "LU 5" relates to Live update 5, part of an MSi (Motherboard) suite of automatic driver update utilities; Currently this MSi software cannot be initiated, uninstalled, repaired or otherwise...

So, I used the msconfig dialogue to remove LU 5 at startup (source of the "LU 5 cant load driver" error) and moved to attempt 3;

Uninstalled Presonus UC via full "CLEAN" instructions at forum link - THEN uninstalled Cubase SX3, Syncrosoft Emu / Licence Software and H20 emulator. Also took the opportunity to remove further unrequired software for this PC - Uninstalled Brother Control Centre 4; Nuance Paper Port; HTC Driver; Switch Sound File Converter (as part of NCH Software Suite);

Attempt 3. Failed - completely new "CLEAN" Installer completed, seemingly no errors, BUT on restart (and 1 x audio, 2 x MIDI device installers completing), the Presonus logo shows *RED* in task bar (despite blue sync light on FS unit); Launcher has same greyed out ("no options") in the Clock Source drop down box, and the Buffer Size select box similarly had no selectable options as found in some of the earlier attempts; No FS2626 device image is shown in the small Launcher window (never has in ALL of my attempted installs), though driver was listed as 0.0.0. An error I'd seen before. Desktop shortcut does not work - i.e. triggers nothing, and the control mixing desk in this case did not even get to the "hanging screen", and, Launcher failed;;

At this stage I attempted manually updating drivers from Device Manager in WinXP Control Panel to see if the 0.0.0 driver info could be updated; WinXP Control Panel advised Driver as latest - V - for the WinXP SP3 setup I'm running.

I restarted the WinXP PC which resulted in the Presonus Logo (task bar) turning Blue, (again, encouraging?!), a blue sync light on FS unit, BUT empty white screen with "FIRESTUDIO" text in the in the window radio bar, presumably in this window is where the mixer should materialise. In this state there is absolutely no ability to enter the Launcher (by R-clicking on the Blue Logo) or make any settings whatsoever.

Curiously, the Installer runs through the Found New Hardware wizard for "Presonus MIDI" twice, BUT the MIDI driver does not appear in the Device Manager under Win XP Control Panel; In fact no MIDI drivers have appeared in any of my attempts to run UC 1.2.2...

So I'm about out of options... Firewire network card/drivers is fine, no more "free versions" of software, clean installs galore; Seems this WinXP SP3 package with FS2626 just wont work. Unless there is something STOOPID I've missed. I'm at the end of my efforts to fix, short of learning to make changes to the regedit to see if any traces of bad installs are lurking there, but this is outside my skill set and seems overkill...

Totally gutted here like :(

Re: FS2626 - Updating from FS Control Panel Software and Firmware to Latest (Supported) Universal Control for WinXP SP3

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:48 pm
by cristofe
Oh my! I feel your pain!! I remember going through similar shenanigans when I built my last XP DAW.


Now THAT right there may have something to do with your issues, (that and the cracked syncrosoft dongle emu). As I recall I tried to move from XP SP2 to SP3 and had various and sundry problems.
To the point that I rolled it back to SP2. Might be worth a try. And I know you're planning on continuing with a legit version of Cubase but, for the sake of eliminating another variable, you might want to attempt removing all traces of Cubase and try an install with the free version of
Studio One:

Who may find you like Studio One. I was a Looonnngg time user of various
flavors of Cubase/Nuendo. I've since switched to Studio One and am a happy camper!

Re: FS2626 - Updating from FS Control Panel Software and Firmware to Latest (Supported) Universal Control for WinXP SP3

Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2016 5:18 pm
by Daryl Thompson
RIGHT!! That's it - I'm not having it!!

Decided to push on and rebuild the WinXP PC from scratch - this is the only way to truly know if the WinXP PC and FS2626 platform can work (as it should) as my DAW workstation base for now whilst I get back into the studio. So my IT knowledge is average - I have a basic knowledge, and have a general idea of how things work, but not to any great degree; Suffice to say I'm aware what NOT to mess around with (Registry Edit, deeper Windows functions etc) BUT am not a complete doofus. So I downloaded some instructions from here, which were/are simple and clear: ... dows/6130/

Currently uninstalling Adobe CS4, Microsoft Office 2007 (all genuine), and then it's wipe and restart time - guess I'm documenting this as an average knowledge PC user, so if it works, meaning if "I" can do it(!) and anyone else (ever?!) tries this at least there will be a solution at the end...

Cristofe - a thousand thanks mate, your posts have kept me determined that there IS a way! I'll let you know the outcome, in terms of UC 1.2.2, Win XP SP2 or SP3 (whichever (or both) works) hopefully later today, or at least this weekend...

Cheers mate

Re: FS2626 - Updating from FS Control Panel Software and Firmware to Latest (Supported) Universal Control for WinXP SP3

Posted: Sun Sep 11, 2016 7:24 pm
by Daryl Thompson
OK. So here are the results...

After appropriate data back up and utilities (Belarc Advisor) creating a detailed PC profile, rebuild started from a Win XP SP2 OEM CD from circa 2002. After a lot of messing about with Win XP as a non-supported OS, (cannot connect to Windows Update, IE not working) I found, from where I downloaded SP3 (and SP4, an "unofficial" Service Pack, compiled with ALL updates and fixes until XP end-of-support (and some developed afterwards), and completed the update process(es), installed AV software, and latest-available XP versions of all hardware drivers .

The Win XP Platform ran stable. Attempted to install Presonus UC 1.2.2:

Installer runs, PC restarts, hardware wizard finds and runs (1 x audio device diver, 2 x MIDI driver processes), blue sync light appears on FS2626 unit, and Presonus' XP Toolbar icon goes blue straight away. BUT

UC Software fails to initialise from desktop shortcut, generating a large white empty/window with FIRESTUDIO in the window header line, which hangs indefinitely, shown as "Not Responding" in Task Mgr);

R-Clicking Presonus' Toolbar icon does nothing - I've not yet seen the "Launcher" window in the rebuild.

Having never "rebuilt" an XP (or any!) machine, this was as clean an install as I could achieve - I took a few hours to research each aspect of the process and made scores of notes of options selected etc during the install and back ups - I now have a much better understanding of how the connected parts of Windows works, and think I've narrowed it down to the following:

1. Win XP OS is clean and functioning correctly, with all updates installed;

2. The FS2626 unit is connecting in a hardware sense - seen at the (Presonus approved) PCI Firewire card port, evidenced by blue sync light;

3. In a software sense, with the OS clean, healthy operational motherboard (courtesy of Belarc Advisor PC profile data) and old/shonky software removed - UC is the only program currently installed - 3GHz dual core CPU, 2 GB RAM, so processing resources should be fine;

3. The Belarc Advisor PC Profile found the Presonus driver family in it's inventory, listed as:
- Presonus FireStudio
- Presonus Audio
- Presonus MIDI IN (1601090)
- Presonus MIDI OUT (16010900

Curious that the Presonus UC 1.2.2 installer runs through only 3 of these 4 items/drivers in terms of "Found New Hardware" install processes. Notwithstanding, given the seemingly evident hardware connection, (blue sync light) the opening of the FIRESTUDIO control screen (large white non-responsive window) suggests it is "trying" to work, but can't/doesn't.

4. During UC 1.2.2 install, the first step was the installer prompting me with [ "C:\Program Files\Presonus" already exists - install here? ] I clicked no, went back, and shift-deleted the folder "C:\Program Files\Presonus" - then restarted the PC and started again. I was surprised as to how/why the Program Files were still there (in fact Program Files were present for all of the removed/uninstalled software I'd manual uninstalled prior to the rebuild, despite clicking "New XP Install" assuming it would wipe/format the hard disk and delete all data). This is an XP issue.

So, could it be that these driver files aren't being overwritten correctly? If so, has anyone/can anyone send me a zip file with a copy of the actual *.dll files so I can try manually forcing them to work? The file list from C:\Program Files\Presonus\Universal Control\ on my WinXP PC is as follows:

C:\Program Files\Presonus\Universal Control\
firestudiodevice.dll - dll files all have file modified date of 1/25/2011
PaeFirestudio (Security Catalog File)
PaeFirestudio (System File)
PaeFireStudioAudio (System File)
PaeFireStudioMidi (System File)
unins000 (DAT File) - file modified date 9/11/2016
unins000.exe - file modified date 9/11/2016
Uninstall.dll - file modified date of 1/19/2011

I'm going to try a "Run as Administrator" install, after a clean uninstall from previous instructions in this thread, before I start my day-job(!). If this does not work, if someone running an XP set up could please have a look at their dll file list and confirm the dll files are same/different (and send their versions to me pls, via PM/inbox email address) I would be most grateful - I've put in a lot of effort here - keen to get a resolution, appreciate any help forthcoming :)

Thanks all who've read - appreciate this is a fair amount of text and responses are keeping me determined - hopefully this can assist others with the same PC working knowledge as I had when I started, in the long run...


Re: FS2626 - Updating from FS Control Panel Software and Firmware to Latest (Supported) Universal Control for WinXP SP3

Posted: Sun Sep 11, 2016 9:54 pm
by Daryl Thompson

I "clean installed", using the uninstaller to remove, then deleting the C Program, Files folder, and took the additional step of learning how to and executing an edit of my PC registry to remove all Presonus entries, wiped and cleaned all traces of the previous installers.
This time I installed ("Run as") as administrator - even though my normal user account has/is administrator.
Same result. Only difference is the desktop shortcut did not appear on my desktop once the installer had completed.
This is IMMENSELY frustrating.

- All of the correct driver versions appear in the correct places - via Device Manager, Registry Editor etc
- No other corruptive drivers are present on the system
- I believe I've exhausted all avenues available to me in my limited (but expanding!) PC knowledge of ensuring the XP SP3/4 operating system is as optimum it can be.

I will try the *.dll files (if anyone is kind enough to PM me their email address, and we can take it from there) but it's looking like an upgrade to Win 7 (and installing XP mode if necessary) just to check if the FS2626 has any Universal Control functionality in it.

The kicker is the device works perfectly well (installs, Launches, can set Clock Source and Buffer Size, and has total access to the FS Control Panel mixer) using the originally boxed install CD, V 1.0. The whole reason for this thread was to find out if the newer Presonus UC V1.2.2 software offers any great advances/functions - the old FS CPL mixer was fairly limited; And with no software update possible from "inside" the originally boxed V1.0 software, THIS really is the frustrating part - kind of making me not want to get another Presonus as audio processing centre piece(s) :(

Failing any advice, and knowing Presonus will likely not respond to my set up questions "because support has ended", my final questions would be:

1. What are the main benefits/additional functions that UC "should" bring over the original FS CPL mixer software?
2. What are the next best available audio devices (x2) capable of plug-and-play daisy chaining?

I've tried here, but something is stood in the path to UC working - any thoughts please?


Re: FS2626 - Updating from FS Control Panel Software and Firmware to Latest (Supported) Universal Control for WinXP SP3

Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 10:11 pm
by Daryl Thompson
Any love ladies and gents...?

Re: FS2626 - Updating from FS Control Panel Software and Firmware to Latest (Supported) Universal Control for WinXP SP3

Posted: Wed Sep 14, 2016 10:41 am
by cristofe
Well, I'm at a loss at this point. While I do still maintain an XP machine, I use Terratec PCI interfaces with it. The oldest OS I use the 26x26 on is Win7. I've also never used the original
CPL so I cant really comment on the differences between it and UC. As to your second question,
you can daisy chain any of the current Firestudio family with it...older Firepods(FP10) & Fireboxes
are not compatible. You can also expand the 26x26 with ADAT interfaces such as the Presonus Digimax. This might be a more future proof solution as the ADAT devices can be used with ANY interfaces that accepts ADAT input.

Re: FS2626 - Updating from FS Control Panel Software and Firmware to Latest (Supported) Universal Control for WinXP SP3

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2016 8:47 am
by Daryl Thompson
Hi Cristofe,

Well. Since my last post, I have carried out the following:

1. Numerous (understatement!) attempts to get the UC 1.2.2 working on the XP machine - various fail results - mainly with blue sync light connection appearing on the FS2626 device, but software fail/hangs - Launcher cannot select options, driver listed as 0.0.0 (despite XP device manager and registry entries showing the 3.X.X. (i.e. latest available) driver); After many attempts and "clean" installs, the device would not/could not roll back to allow FS CPL V1.0 to connect/function, so as a last resort I used an unused CD copy of Win 7 Pro (64-bit) - which did not work - rather obviously as my XP machine is dual core 32-bit(!), but in the process of that install attempt (hoping the CD had 32 and 64 bit versions on it, and the PC could recognize the 32 bit system and install the 32 bit software accordingly), I formatted the XP machine (Intel Core2 Duo) PC hard drive and reverted to Win XP SP2 (known working configuration), and subsequently rebuilt the XP machine (again!) from the ground up, testing at all points to ensure I'd isolated all possible issues/errors using the correct install process/device driver order (e.g. Motherboard/Chipset/GFX card/Network/Audio/LAN).

2. Result was from a very clean slate, the XP SP2 set up worked fine, which proved the FS2626, Firewire card, FS CPL, FS2626 device ins/outs etc were functioning correctly. I used XP's System Restore points to sequentially bring the XP OS up to SP4 status, checking the FS2626 device, Firewire card and FS CPL V1.0 were functioning correctly at numerous points throughout the update process, to the current XP SP4 status (fully updated/hotfixed/security installs etc). So I can create a working system - though with random improper restarts happening at random times, which is frustrating but a product of an old machine/hardware. I will run MEMTEST and I've read that PSU could be the culprit, but the 500W Antec PSU should be sufficient (so I'm told) to run an XP 32-bit machine with no other software/hardware connected, apart from the FS2626 with FS CPL V1.0...

3. This convinced me the FS2626 device is still in good working order, so I decided to purchase a new (second hand) PC (i5-4570 on DELL T1700 Workstation, 4GB RAM) with Win 7 Pro 64bit installed, to attempt to build a working FS2626 on a Win 7 Pro platform and thus be able to finally isolate the UC 1.2.2 software package as the culprit. Fortunately the 2009-era Firewire card (Approved by Presonus, LSI chipset F5U504 and demonstrated as able to work) was able to be connected to the DELL T1700 motherboard by a $6 SATA to 4-pin MOLEX power cable adapter, so I'd imagined that having isolate all other potential issues, that this configuration could lead me to be "home and hosed". Finally.

4. This evening I've carried out the same build process for Win 7 Pro 64bit - that is, installed the Presonus-approved Firewire card/chipset (known to function correctly under FS CPL V1.0) into the DELL T1700/Intel Motherboard, running Win 7 Pro OS, (listed as LSI-OHCI 1394 Compliant in the device manager), then fully updated the Win 7 Pro OS via Windows Update; Then updated the hardware (Motherboard and chipset/GFX (on board Intel 4600) driver/Network card/onboard High Def. Audio driver) in that order. I made a System Restore point immediately prior to attempting the UC 1.2.2 install...

The result is/was EXACTLY the same as the previous UC 1.2.2 installs on the older XP machine - (Intel Core2 Duo on MSI P35 Neo Motherboard); The Presonus installer (on an entirely clean Win 7 Pro 64bit build) runs through it's process, then asks to do an automated reboot; I connect the FS 2626 device and power on; Once Win 7 Pro restarts, the FS2626 hardware blue sync light appears during start up, BUT, Win 7 Pro 64 bit "Found New Hardware" wizard does not trigger/find the FS2626 device, and double clicking on the Presonus Universal Control desktop icon triggers an empty white window which hangs indefinitely - no Presonus Logo appears in the Task Bar, no process appears in the Task Manager. A Presonus Audio driver appears in the Win 7 Pro 64bit device manager list under Sound and Video Controllers, which cannot be updated/rolled back.

5. So, I've tested, isolated, and/or otherwise demonstrated as working:

- Multiple OS' - XP SP2 (32bit), XP SP3 (32bit), XP SP4 (32bit), and Win 7 Pro (64bit);
- Firewire Card - Belkin-packaged 3-port PCI card with LSI Agere Chipset (approved);
- FireStudio Control Panel V1.0 - allowed testing of FS2626 ins/outs;
- IRQ conflicts - changes of device/card arrangements to limit IRQ sharing (XP);
- A number of different Firewire cables;
- All 3 Firewire ports on the Belkin card;

This cannot be a normal situation - I believe the currently available UC 1.2.2 software package is flawed and has been isolated as the single culprit, given all of the other working elements are tested. If you wouldn't mind, and have a copy available, would you send me a zip file to include the installer you have used successfully on your Win XP or Win 7 machines, (and any historical versions) so I can rule this out? If this does not work, I feel I've no choice but to look elsewhere for an audio device, having spent a ridiculous amount of time and money working through forum tip after forum tip, rebuild after rebuild, and now a new PC - all documented with many may pages of notes - there is a critical fault here and I think it's the downloadable software, V1.2.2.

I would be very grateful if this could occur - if you PM me I will reply with an email address from which I can retrieve the installer; Unless you have an FTP/dropbox or similar service/download link from whence I could retrieve?

Please let me know either way, and I can put this process to bed. Likely not with a Presonus device, for fear of further non-compatible issues - despite the general consensus being that the FS2626 can work with other newer Presonus devices...

Yours Sincerely,
Daryl :(

Re: FS2626 - Updating from FS Control Panel Software and Firmware to Latest (Supported) Universal Control for WinXP SP3

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2016 11:27 am
by cristofe
Win 7 Pro (64bit)

I cannot confirm that UC 1.2.2 will work on a 64-bit install of Win7....tho it should. I currently use my 26x26 with just one machine. A dual core HP NX7400 laptop running Win7 Ultimate 32-bit. This is my mobile rig....I use it for live recording, signal processing, mixing....etc. I do have quite a collection of various builds of UC. Hopefully one of them will do the trick for you. I've zipped 'em up and uploaded them to MegaShare. Here is the download link:!oME2ATKK!oDPylPM_FrxoZNFLXUouL3nKq3UQHn8JoqV9xhjQ11I

Re: FS2626 - Updating from FS Control Panel Software and Firmware to Latest (Supported) Universal Control for WinXP SP3

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2016 11:17 am
by cristofe
Just wanted to add a little something Daryl......I just got in a Firestudio Mobile. I had a heck of a time getting it up and running. This was on a different laptop....a Dell Latitude e6410 i7 machine running Win7 64-bit. I tried nearly every version of UC. They all installed ok and the machine recognized the device but it would NOT sync! So for the giggles I plugged it into my HP laptop
running UC 1.2 and it synced right up! So I figured the problem had to be either the pc express
card or the firewire cable. Now the card is of Presonus' list. And the cable worked with the HP machine just fine. But firewire can be a finicky beast. So I took a closer look at the card. It had two ports a firewire 400 (1394a) and a firewire 800 (1394b). Since the unit would not sync connected to the 400 port, I rummaged through my cables and found a bi-lingual, (and that's important), 400 to 800 cable and VOILA!! Success!! Don't know if this info is of use to you but I thought I'd pass it on.


Re: FS2626 - Updating from FS Control Panel Software and Firmware to Latest (Supported) Universal Control for WinXP SP3

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2016 6:24 am
by Daryl Thompson
Hi Cristofe - thanks for the zip file . I've had a break through... And it's something from way back to my first post.. The device is now working fully, on Win 7 Pro and my studio is about to begin. 4 weeks later!!

So the issue was/is firmware, and the inability to update:

- FS2626 cannot be updated in the original V1.0 software, as there is no option or ability; As the software is old, and had never been updated/updated itself (no obvious facility to do so), the consequent firmware on the FS 2626 was at version 1.04 - as reported original post.

- UC 1.2.2 WAS installing correctly AND connecting to the Firewire card, BUT it could not communicate with the device, leading to the indefinitely "hanging" mixer screen.

- I was in bed recounting my tales of woe to my partner, who suggested to try her old mac book pro, circa 2007/08 - mine is circa 2009 with no firewire port - knowing the general better functionality of macs, we looked in the morning (expecting the worst) and lo-and-behold, a Firewire port was present.

- a swift download later, and I was able to connect the FS2626 first time to UC1.2.2 - first task - update the firmware! A second swift download, unplug and connect to the new Win 7 Pro PC later, and UC connects first time - so far the FS2626 runs like a Swiss watch;

Summary - I was caught between no ability to update firmware in the old package, and the new package being unable to communicate with a device on it's old firmware. With no ability to download the firmware independently - or communicate with the FS2626 OUTSIDE of UC 1.2.2, the last 3 weeks of trials had resulted.

I'm not too fussed now, and have learned a shed load of operational PC knowledge in the meantime. If it makes me look a fool for not knowing to ask the right question, well, so be it, but I'm certainly a happy camper now. :+1 :+1

Really appreciative of the responses you've given - and the download links - massive thanks,
I suppose the next thing to do is mark the post as resolved and let it be a lesson to any others who tread this path

Thanks bunch mate, great stuff
Daryl :D :D

Re: FS2626 - Updating from FS Control Panel Software and Firmware to Latest (Supported) Universal Control for WinXP SP3

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2016 12:18 pm
by cristofe
Hey! That's GREAT news Daryl!! So glad to hear you're up and running!! I totally understand the frustration you went through....I've so been there! I also applaud your patience and persistence.
And, as you pointed out, it was a learning experience. I've learned a lot of my best pc tricks from similar adverse conditions. And your experience may indeed be helpful to others. Thanks for sharing!!