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Greetings everyone,

I'm having issues with getting other programs like OBS or ActivePresenter to pick up audio from my Firestudio Project. ASIO4ALL and whatever that Banana thing is aren't working for me at all. ASIO Link Pro is the closest solution I've come across. I can physically hear all output from my interface, Reaper, and all Windows system sounds, but somehow can't get the ASIOVADPRO MIX Out to get any output. Therefore, no other outside program can get/record ASIO audio.

In Reaper:

- all tracks armed to record, monitoring on
- device is set to ASIO Link Pro

In Universal Control:

- Nothing muted
- Mix 1/2 turned on
- 11 and 12 (daw 1/2) linked for stereo
- Sample rate set to 44.1kHz (confirmed everything sync'd via WDM Sound)

I haven't found a single resource that uses Presonus interfaces in this way. How can this be achieved?

Current setup:

Presonus Firestudio Project
Windows 10 x64
Line 6 Helix Floor/Native
Lots of guitars and amps :lol:

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