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Problem with hearing and recording with 3 FSPs

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 1:21 pm
by robirdman
Waiting all week for some answer from Presonus, but their help is almost useless, so I'll try here.
I have 3 FSP. #1 to computer, !> 2, 2>3. Using Cubase. #3 has RX11 drum sound going into 1&2 inputs. They are loud in the mix which goes through its main outs. TD20 drum sound goes into 3&4, and SPD11 drum sound goes into 5&6. they are so low in the mix that I thought they weren't playing at all. But they are heard well in its headphones.
I also tried recording a vocal by putting it in #1, in place of an RX11 . Listening and recording with headphone, I find that it records anything else playing in the mix. While if I put the mic in #7, then it its signal and records nothing.

So basically only what goes into 1&2 on FSP3, (which is going into FSP2 into FSP1 ) goes to the speakers at a normal volume, and recording only works there.