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Hello, everyone.

I am having a syncing issue with the RME Fireface UFX, as I am attempting to add more inputs with a Presonus Firestudio.

I one by one connected all four ADAT (Toslink) cables. Nothing.

Connected a BNC Cable for the Word Clock from the RME output to the Presonus Input. Nothing.

I have the RME set for 44.1kHz. However, the ADAT lights blink, and no audio works through TotalMix.

If I change the Clock Source from "Internal" to "ADAT1", the input status box below changes, indicating ADAT1 and ADAT2 are syncing (before that, it said"Lock") and remains 48 kHz. No audio passes through TotalMix.

I have tried some of the other Clock Mode settings. Nothing.

I connected the Presonus via firewire to the computer, downloaded a fresh version of Universal Control, set that to 44.1kHz. Nothing.

I've switched the various Toslink cables with new ones or old ones or changed them, and that does not seem to be the issue. The cables all work, they all show light, and they all appear to be in great condition. Please advise, thanks!

Additional info in case it matters: OS 10.7.5 on Mac 1,1; Pro Tools 10.3; Fireface UFX; Fireface driver version 3.32; Presonus Firestudio; Universal Control
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by cristofechabot on Thu Nov 30, 2017 12:49 pm
Which version Firestudio are you attempting to use? The Firestudio 26x26 & Firestudio Tube cannot operate as standalone AD/DA converters. Only the Firestudio Project can be used in this manner.

From Presonus lit:

The FireStudio Project also includes the FireControl mixer/router a 18x10 DSP mixer/router for flexible mixing and direct routing any input to any output including the headphone output, with zero latency. The FireControl software application lives between your FireStudio Project interface and your DAW software enabling the mixing and routing of input streams coming into your FireStudio Studio Project interface and playback stream coming from your DAW software. The FireControl is capable of creating up to five stereo mixes and then routing to the outputs of your FireStudio Project for headphone mixes and various aux sends. This way everyone in the band and the recording engineer can have a custom mix. Also, the FireStudio Project is loaded with internal flash memory so that all FireControl settings are saved and recalled in the FireStudio Project during power off/on. This allows you to configure your FireStudio as a stand-alone device, without being connected to a computer for uses such as a submixer, A/D and D/A-converter, headphone mixer, format converter, instrument or microphone pre-amplifier!

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