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Hear is the deal. I have Firestudio Project, Studio One 2 Pro and an Art Headamp 4.

the Art Headamp 4 connects using one TRS Cable. i have a two band trs cable for lack of better terms (cable with 2 black bands on 1/4 connecter) and it plays stereo just fine when I had it connected directly to my headphone output in the front of the firestuduo project.

What I want to be able to do is connect the Art Headamp to one of the outputs in the back so that I can connect my mixing headphones directly to the headphone output in the front..

Does anyone know how I would go about doing that?
How do I send a signal out of one of one of the outputs in the back to where it will play stereo through my headamp. I have tried a couple of different settings and sending it through output 3 in the back and all it plays is the left side even I set the send signal up for mono...

Any advice?
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by mwright137 on Thu Jul 03, 2014 5:03 pm
I have a HeadAmp Pro 6 and there are stereo direct inputs. I have a insert cable (TRS to two TS) and I plug the two TS ends into outputs 1 and 2 on my FireStudio Project and then the TRS and into the direct input on the ART. Instant stereo mix...

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