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Purchased a faderport 8 and have hesitated installing it till I'm sure I can have use of my firestudio project after installing UC 1.83......

Quick rundown DAW HPz600 / 12gigs RAM / Win 7 SP1 / Sonar x3 / Studio One 3.0 / and have had no problems with any of my software.

I've read that there are problems syncing the FSP after a 1.83 install and you must then reinstall whatever version of UC you're running after the 1.83 install..In my case it's UC 1.72.

My assumed uninstall/ install procedure:

1: Uninstall 1.72 from control panel....seems the safest thing to do .

2. Install UC 1.83.

3. Reinstall UC 1.72 and they should work together...1.83 allowing faderpor8 use and 1.72 bringing my FSP back on line.

If you've had success with this install sequence, let me know or otherwise.

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